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  1. SCENARIO Some cops entered narrow avenues recently involving others.
  2. XENODIAGNOSIS XXX-rated entertainment, never Oliver. Do it and go now Oliver, send it Saturday.
  3. GRATIFICATION Great rulers are tremendously intense forever if captivating all taxpayers. I observed nymphomaniacs.
  4. SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALDOCIOUS Some undergrads perhaps exercise regularly, calmly and loving it. Fred really after giggling, in love, insisted several times Irene, Charlie entertain x-rated performances. I admit lusting delighted over Charlie, I obviously understand sex.
  5. Keeping it simple, I would follow the path of least resistance and go for Queens & Western. Should that not work out, then is the time to re-evaluate and consider a 2nd degree, but not now. Lightning needs to strike at just one location. Best of luck!
  6. SUNFLOWERS Swimming underwater, Norma felt lost. Owen went eagerly, resumed swimming.
  7. SCHIZOPHRENIA Some children have irritating zits, opening, Peter. Has Robert eaten nachos in afternoons?
  8. GENERALLY George educates nobody, eats rhubarb and loves Lily - yes!
  9. SOLIDARITY Some old ladies irritate doctors and really infuriate the youth.
  10. TEMPTATIONS Today eat my plate, Tom. And tomorrow, I'm opening new shops.
  11. NEARSIGHTEDNESS Nearby education adds resources significantly in good housekeeping today, especially delighted nearby education seems successful!
  12. SCHEDULES School children have education daily, usually like ethics, sciences.
  13. SYMBOLISM Started your motorcycle before Owen, let’s investigate some motors.
  14. NATIONALIST Never attack teenagers in our nation. And let’s inoculate some teenagers.
  15. You will be too excited with your match, I know from experience.
  16. YAMMERING You are my mother's elder really Isabel. Not great.
  17. DISEASES Don't insist, seriously Ed, and Sam, exercise, strengthen.
  18. Check out kin at York and see how long it would take.
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