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  1. CORONAVIRUS Children often run, or not, and verily, I run, underwater swim.
  2. ELABORATION Everybody laughed and became obedient recently. Allen tried inciting our nymphomaniac.
  3. NEWBIES Now educated women became important, especially strongly.
  4. SEQUITUR Studying efficiently, quietly understanding, I tried undergraduate resources.
  5. DREAMER Draw, really, Ed and make everything right.
  6. You frame these experiences in terms of CanMEDS competencies. It's not about whether you succeeded or not, rather about your growth and development in terms of these competencies.
  7. Correct zoxy. The Canadian government accepts refugees out of the goodness of its heart, accepting immigrants is a necessity to keep the economy going.
  8. That is why we have an aggressive immigration policy (temporarily derailed by Covid), to replace the retirees - so there will be more taxpayers. I do not see lower compensation for physicians.
  9. TECHNIQUE Toss eggs children. Heather, never inform Quincy unless endangered.
  10. DETERIORATION Don't eat tomatoes, eat raspberries Ian. Onions really are tasty. I offered nectarines.
  11. FOCUS Forgive others - compassion, understanding, sensitivity.
  12. YEARNINGLY Your earnings are really numbing Ian, not good. Let's yell!
  13. SENSITIVITY Seems Ed never saw it, took in vital information, told Yves.
  14. SENSUALITY Sam entered noticing something unusual and losing information, Tom, yelled.
  15. SUBMISSIONS Students understand basic math in secondary school. I'm obviously noticeably studying.
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