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  1. Well then, this is encouraging your decision in a specific direction.
  2. SERVICES See every review, verify information Charles, edit, send.
  3. SENTIMENTS Sending envelopes now Tim is making everything nasty today, seriously.
  4. SCENARIOS Some children encounter narcissists and really it obviously sucks.
  5. INJECTIONS I note journalistic essays can take information on numerous subjects.
  6. NINCOMPOOPS Nymphomaniacs in nude can overwhelm men pretty often, our preacher says.
  7. YORKSHIRE Your older, reliable, kind sister has inspired recent events.
  8. EVERYDAY Especially very excited, really young, Dan always yelled.
  9. EXOCETS Even Xander often can eat tomatoes, spaghetti.
  10. WORSHIPPERS Why Owen really shot him is perhaps perplexing Ed, relax somewhat.
  11. RABBITS Running and biting biscuits is totally sane.
  12. YEARNINGS Your earnings are reliable now, I note, great Sam.
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