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    Bambi got a reaction from maybenow in Abs Extracurricular Activities   
    Let CanMEDS competencies be your guide. As all these activities do not involve working as part of a team or collaboration, is there another activity to demonstrate this? Both swimming & hiking evidence fitness and a healthy lifestyle.
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    Bambi got a reaction from maybenow in Description In Abs   
    Send  together with instructions & character limitations (its been awhile).
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    Bambi got a reaction from maybenow in Special Circumstances   
    U/T has this in the last OMSAS Booklet:
    If there is any reason why you believe your transcript does not reflect your true ability (i.e., there are extenuating circumstances), please briefly outline this in the Essay Academic Explanations.
    Queen's does not.
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    Bambi got a reaction from DTmed in Gargantuan Upward Trend   
    Absolutely apply! 
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    Bambi reacted to ralk in Trying To Decide Between Cardiology And Ophthalmology   
    For answers to most of your questions, start here: https://www.afmc.ca/faq/228/234/272#main-content - the CMA profiles in particular has a lot of useful information.
    Job market for both is fairly tight right now, though that could change.
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    Bambi got a reaction from Borborygmi in Bad Or Insignificant Relationship With Verifier   
    Nevere use anybody who may have an unhealthy agenda.
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    Bambi got a reaction from dahonadventurer in Applying To Only 2 Schools?   
    Have you ever heard the expression, "Expensive can be cheap. And cheap can be expensive."
    You never know where lightning will strike. For sure, you won't get in where you don't apply. It would be a shame if the school that would have accepted you is the one that you chose not to apply to save a few dollars. When I say a few dollars, everything is relative, of course, but potentially you will lose your last year of earnings, say $300,000 for the sake of saving a little money.
    It's your decision, it's your life.
    Welcome to the Forum. 
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    Bambi got a reaction from Graduate08 in What Are My Chances At Uoft   
    I just read the U/T link related to graduate programs. From my reading, a course based graduate applicant is entitled to apply with a 3.0 GPA. 
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    Bambi reacted to NotASerialKiller in Abs Extracurricular Activities   
    You're not "using" CanMEDS in that everything has to fit exactly into their competencies or you'll be rejected. Use them as a loose guide for what they are looking for, and try to cover as many as possible so that your application is well-rounded. As Bambi mentioned, collaboration is something that you can certainly show in your ECs.
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    Bambi got a reaction from snacks in Ontario Residency?   
    It is what it is. Life is unfair.
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    Bambi reacted to NotASerialKiller in Bad Or Insignificant Relationship With Verifier   
    Verifiers don't have to have been there personally or be your superior. Did anyone else know that you were working at that lab? It would be a shame to cut it just because of that (and certainly don't put down a verifier that you don't get along with). Anyone with knowledge of your activity is qualified to verify it.
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    Bambi reacted to GH0ST in Honesty In Life Sketch & During Interview   
    Oh my gosh.... before I go on to address this post I just wanted to say thank you for your honesty and trust in our community to divulge such sensitive information. Though I cannot imagine how difficult it must have been to type all of this, and potentially re-live these memories, I also cannot begin to describe the courage you have in sharing this information, raising your children, and turning your life around. While I don't know how much I can help in this process, I will do everything I can and wish you the best.
    On the topic of your injury... it's quite clear that you acknowledge the potential stigma associated with mental well-being. That said, your persistence in the face of adversity can be an important source of strength to draw upon in your personal statements. If you were to disclose the injury in your personal statements anywhere... it is critical instead to focus your writing on your success and how you pushed for success, instead of emphasizing its disabilities. I think depending on the way you spin it, the experience can be seen relatively more favorably.
    On the topic of drug addiction and rehab... you also know the stigma against addicts. You would think that health care professionals would be more understanding of certain issues but unfortunately these stereotypes still exist. Instead I would heavily emphasize your stability and how you became stronger for not only yourself, but for your kids and all the other people that depend on you in various support groups. It is beautiful what you've done to reach out to this demographic. Your understanding and empathy of their pain and suffering can only help add to your ability to connect with future patients. I would not emphasize its liability however... you have to focus more on being positive and turning it around.
    I doubt you have to disclose that your children comes from different parents, but acknowledging that you are working hard not only to achieve your dream, but set a good example for your children would be admirable. I doubt the adcom will inquire about the paternity of your children, especially not in an MMI situation.
    If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to send me a PM. Once again, I cannot emphasize enough how brave you are for coming out to us, and your courage+determination to turn things around. You've definitely inspired me and I hope that you'll continue to demonstrate the amazing individual that you are not only to yourself, but your kids, and those future patients that will depend on you. Best wishes and take care.
    - G
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    Bambi got a reaction from _ _ in Ontario Residency?   
    It is what it is. Life is unfair.
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    Bambi got a reaction from Bandersnatch in When Should I Volunteer Abroad?   
    There is absolutely no necessity to volunteer abroad ever and you can accomplish what you wish more effectively in your own backyard.
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    Bambi got a reaction from LeBronto2019 in Working Part-Time During School Term   
    I come from poverty and have lived off student loans during college, university and med school with a LOC.
    I did not work part time as a student as I felt I needed to devote my time to academics and volunteering, which resulted in my acceptance to med school. I am now a resident and eventually will pay off my loans. Had I worked as you intend, I would not have had the grades/activities to get into med school.
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    Bambi reacted to WomboCombo in New Wgpa Cut-Off For Ottawa Residents   
    According to the Afmc admissions pdf for 2014/2015, "the mean grade point average of successful applicants in 2013/14 was 3.91". I think with the rise of the average GPA that is full-file reviewed (also it is known that once you pass your respective wGPA cutoff, you are in the same pool as everyone else for interview selection), that this is because 1) GPA will be valued slightly less, and 2) CASPer will factor in quite a bit towards the overall pre-interview composite score. If that's the case, that is a step in the right direction (that GPA is still king but non-academic aspects are becoming more and more emphasized) to provide a more holistic review of candidates.
    Hope that logic makes sense?
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    Bambi reacted to Egg_McMuffin in Working Part-Time During School Term   
    I've mostly always worked during the school term. You really have to know your limits and capabilities...it's different for everyone. Not knowing my limits contributed to my uncompetitive marks during my first degree. Like others have said, try to get a student job on campus because these are usually quite flexible, be strategic about not wasting your most productive/alert hours being at work instead of studying. Don't schedule yourself for work hours that will eat up your whole day (e.g. If you have an option to work between 8am to 12pm or 12pm to 4pm, pick the 8-12 shift because then you can study between 1-9pm instead of probably sleeping in until work and only studying after 4pm) Try to get jobs that have down times when you can read (but don't fool yourself into thinking that you'll be just as productive as studying in your room or in a library).
    Don't work anymore than you have to. You make money by working, but your time is also money.
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    Bambi got a reaction from thehulk in Middle Child   
    This experience has given you incredible strength and also compassion. Adversity prepares us for all future challenges. Best of luck going forward. 
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    Bambi reacted to ralk in 50 Cmg Pgy1 Spots Being Slashed Over The Next Two Years.   
    The likely effect on the average medical student from this will be fairly minor. The large majority of us will match, most to a specialty/location that we're happy with, even after this change.
    However, the objection most people have made is not that it'll be bad for us, but that it's poor policy. Cutting CMG residencies without cutting medical student spots just means more unmatched CMGs that the Ontario government paid to train. If they wanted to save money by cutting the number of CMGs trained, they should have cut both med student spots and residencies. If they just wanted to reduce the costs of residencies, cutting IMG spots would be a more efficient way to do so.
    It is expensive to train physicians (and then to pay them once they're trained) and so cutting down the number of physicians trained could be a way to save on educational and health care costs. I may not agree that cutting those costs is a necessity or beneficial, but at I least understand how that could be a valid goal for the Ontario government to pursue. But paying for half of a physicians' training and not the rest means you leave a good portion of those savings on the table. That makes no sense to me.
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    Bambi got a reaction from rupchatt in 50 Cmg Pgy1 Spots Being Slashed Over The Next Two Years.   
    ^ Yes.  Survival for its own sake is all that matters. (Ask Harper)
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    Bambi got a reaction from zaxop in When Should I Volunteer Abroad?   
    There is absolutely no necessity to volunteer abroad ever and you can accomplish what you wish more effectively in your own backyard.
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    Bambi reacted to robclem21 in Casper   
    Combo of both in my opinion... I think its best to give a strong, thought-out and supported stance, yet acknowledge that opposing viewpoints exist and that you are open to the merits of these.
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    Bambi reacted to JohnGrisham in Giving Up A Really Good Job For Med   
    NPs are always increasing in scope and breadth.ive met some NPs whom are very autonomous and indistinguishable from FM docs. I'd look into the situation in the U.S., and see if you can self rationalize that to Canada(in small pockets), as it is very likely especially due to health care dollars being less effective over time.
    If NP is a viable option, it may be something really really worth considering. Unless you absolutely want to do something super specialized in medicine, that you can't get out of NP.
    Why not still pursue the NP, while getting your ducks in a row for medicine? Further training can't hurt and may be beneficial as well in your med apps. It may take some time before you are fully ready to apply and ultimately be admitted to medicine.
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    Bambi got a reaction from spa in Length Of Ec's Limited? Types Of Ecs?   
    Absolutely include them. I included activities that I started way before undergrad.
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    Bambi got a reaction from CHE 312 in 50 Cmg Pgy1 Spots Being Slashed Over The Next Two Years.   
    Therefore, the necessity to apply broadly. At CaRMS, I applied to 3 fields where I could be happy in my career, and ranked them in order of my preference.
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