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  1. Never heard of McMaster, but to get into a BS nursing program you do need decent grades. There is a shortage of nurses but there is also a shortage of professors in college nursing programs. You may want to explore the community college route and get a RN first.
  2. I'm planning to go to Cape Town with some volunteering programs provided by an organization called "IVHQ". I discovered it searching the internet and was pretty surprised at its affordability but I don't know if I should trust that organization. Is there anyone who has some experiences with volunteering trip to Africa through IVHQ or any other organization? Sharing them or recommending other programs would be grateful.
  3. Graduates work professionally as physiotherapists throughout the health care system, in hospitals, within the community, private practices, and organizations such as the Spastic Centre. You can also work in: education management research rehabilitation centers public or private health care sectors as a consultant Your course is recognized by industry The Bachelor of Physiotherapy has been awarded full accreditation with the Australian Physiotherapy Council (APC). Graduates of the course are eligible for registration in all states and territories of Australia, and may also wo
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