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  1. Depending on where you want to practice, some hospitals (in Ontario) also offer mentorship shifts/programs for ER
  2. Depending on your program, you may have a lot or very few electives. I would say use a couple of electives to supplement your learning, save one for doing something that interests you (and see if your program will let you "split" a block, i.e. I did a split block between derm and plastics; doing a split ENT/Ophthalm would also be a good idea). And if you want to join a practice straight out of residency, considering using an elective in second year as a "job finding" elective to try out a practice or location.
  3. My impression (I work in Ontario), is that Ontario is significantly more flexible. If you are looking to do rural, there are lots of opportunities, and there is flexibility to do extra things (i.e. ER, hospitalist, surgical assist, Ob, etc). These additional things are also completely optional. I have several friends from Quebec that work in Ontario because they find the system better. I don't know how the pay compares though.
  4. Personally, I think there should be a preference for CMGs. However, there are some IMGs with connections that bump them up on the rank list... My comment is regarding the other factors that go into applicant selection: for example, should a program take a CMG who is obviously not interested in the field over an IMG or CSA who actually wants to be there? This may be an unfair example as lots of CMGs participating the second round are great candidates who perhaps didn't apply broadly enough or went unmatched for other reasons, but the CMG status alone is not enough to place someone above IM
  5. Most schools will want to fill those spots. It's hard to say if there is a specific preference for CMGs at this stage... For second round, all programs will do their own interviews so the FM programs get to meet both their IMG and CMG applicants. I think applicants are considered on a case by case basis for second round.
  6. The IMG match and spots are quite political. A couple of the Ontario FM programs with lots of spots left were actually unfilled IMG spots. Some programs are quite cautious about ranking IMGs (for a variety of good and not so good reasons). Also keep in mind that Ontario family med IMG interviews are not actually conducted by the school, there is a central interview for all programs, so schools actually have never met most of the people on the rank list they receive...
  7. I wore a dress (primarily black) and a suit jacket with simple black pumps. The challenge was finding a jacket that paired well with a dress. (I also packed a back up pant suit when I travelled). I saw a lot of dresses, in a variety of colours, at interviews. Most important thing is that you have to be comfortable in your outfit.
  8. Does anyone know why it is taking so long this year?
  9. How concerning this is will depend on your school's policy. (For McMaster, your evaluations from elective will not show up anywhere... They get sent to the Electives Chair, who reads it, then they disappear never to be seen again. So, nothing from your electives show up on your transcript.)
  10. In previous years, Dalhousie results came out before the Ontario interviews (not sure if that's still the case), so some people accepted there turned down Mac interviews. Also, some school did not allow rescheduling (once again, not sure if that's still the case for some schools) so applicants with conflicting interviews had to decide which school they were going to interview at.
  11. I have: Kaplan MCAT Comprehensive Review MCAT 45 MCAT High-Yield Problem Solving Guide Kaplan Strategy & Formula Sheet Kaplan flashcards (Full set: Bio, OChem, Phys, Chem) ExamKrackers 101 Passage in MCAT Verbal Reasoning I am moving in a week, so would like these books gone asap! I'm asking $20 for everything together. Everything is in excellent condition.
  12. Regrets. Was waitlisted last year. Not sure what happened... For some reason, my NAQ dropped almost 4 points...
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