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  1. Interesting. Again with the personal jabs. Every jab I made was a criticism at the merits of the situation. You’re not even jabbing what would be considered to be a dispute in merit. You’re just insulting my life with stereotypes which does not serve the initial purpose of the constructive nature of this thread.
  2. Mitra - What part specifically is BS? All the facts that you don’t know or that there’s way more appealing jobs than doctor?
  3. Ok my point is people are living longer healthier lives. Couple that with the actual acceleration of progress in terms of technology and economic productivity...there are a lot of reasons to be optimistic that lifespan and general health and quality of life will only increase which will reduce the current problems even further down. 20 years of progress in the future is not equivalent to the 20 years of progress starting in the fifties. Everything’s easier faster better to figure out now. This is why life only gets better with time because we have more and more tools. And yes you are all
  4. Dude. Being proud of myself even if medicine isn’t for me? As if medicine is the only way to be proud? Super strange way to word it. This suuuuper makes it sound like you have some kind of complex. Haha I could make so many more points. Like bitterness among doctors. Classic example right here in the holier than thou doctor seeing that some poor soul is still proud despite not being a doctor, and what a clever eye you have in spotting this! Nothing gets by you! Even if it’s compulsive and manipulative and false to make the assertion you’re making! Again this is why no single healthy sane perso
  5. Okay so I think the people that used to read my posts/post with are probably knee deep in clerkships/residencies and beyond by now but I just wanted to share my story and put it on the internet forever in the off chance that it helps someone accomplish their goals, and maybe particularly help someone make some key life decisions. For the record I ended up with an ultra competitive application last year that I would not have believed could be possible. So for quite a long time...I was absolutely obsessed and determined to get into medicine...probably 6-7 years. It actually became a defin
  6. For some reason I used to be super interested in these two paths in the US After med school cv peds 5+3 or 6 (few and harder to get into so basically assume 8) + 2 I think + 2-3 fellowships Also after med school combined nsx and plastics residency is 10 years + whatever fellowships but was definitely interested in doing 3 in spine surg onc and whatever clipping and coiling falls under can’t remember hah
  7. This is such a solid move by them. Tbh it actually makes no financial sense to be a doctor in my opinion when other options are available. This is an extremely powerful recruiting tool for NYU. And I don’t know the numbers but don’t most med students take on debt? I would think in Canada esp just because economically we’re way worst off financially than our US counterparts. The debt for physicians is pretty sad...especially if you have no cash of your own in year 1 of med. haven’t gone through all scenarios but delaying upper average income for 9 years is incredibly detrimental whe
  8. 2799 Value for The Princeton Review Ultimate classroom course Can meet in Vancouver or ship within North America.
  9. By Thomas E. Creighton In Vancouver to meet or can ship within North America. Selling for 2800 CDN, OBO
  10. holy **** ! I was looking at the forums on my phone in the other thread and I couldn't see the sig. that is unreal! funny thing was when you mentioned emergency radiology prior to me reading it, it re-reminded me that I have those DVDs of Boston med i've been lugging around everywhere circa 2015. So flash forward now and I'm incredibly inspired haha and think I may have to crack them open and watch the first episode tonight. This is incredible and I'll leave it at that. (Although, if you do happen to make the natural progression of starting an instagram account as a medical superstar, I would
  11. Congrats on emergency radiology! So admirable (emergency roles are so intriguing to me. It’s part of what lures me to apply to all of medicine in the first place). Yeah occasionaly seems likely. I just have friends in a central province though, and as pharmacists they said it was quite often in their locale.
  12. SDN is really no holds barred. But there’s some civil subforums I check out. If you’re a non trad they have one or two suited towards you. On a side note, I heard being a pharmacist is tough because it breaks your heart when patients can’t pay for their medicine. Does this happen frequently? Was just curious about the experiences of others on this.
  13. Look OP I think you have a ton of learning to do. The fact you are unaware of career paths in your own field shows a great deal of a lack in maturity. Any established physician that patients “love” will most certainly be able to provide some level of counsel, especially to impressionable youth, those in need; or worst of all, both of those in conjunction. Something as simple of a question as “what jobs exist in my community/City/province/country”is quite a simple answer to provide. However rather than serving strictly as a voice of judgement, let me say I am very intrigued by your drive.
  14. This stuff is so dynamic. A lot of it is out of my control. Looking forward to the end of this semester to see what’s out there for a summer start term. Funding is such a huge restriction of course but the summer is a long ways away so I’ll see. But the lesson was it was great for me to network at events! Thanks for the kind words though!
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