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  1. I agree. The old edition is fine. Practice with friends and watch MMI videos (Google search) or see how someone, who has successfully gone through an MMI, approaches different cases. Amazon.ca has some good books on mmi as well.
  2. Some people have not emailed me yet. Please send a quick email to this year's group: megammigroup2015@gmail.com
  3. Please assume that they have reached me. I will get back to everyone in a group email.
  4. Good news guys a friend of mine who is a PGY 4 has agreed to help us this cycle. He has a masters in medical education and should give you guys some very good feedback. Our group is almost at full capacity. We are hoping to get things started within the next week or so.
  5. Hi guys. Please email me at the address below and I will explain how the whole process works.
  6. I am surprised you guys have not heard yet!!! So far how many people received rejections this week?
  7. Yh I know. I hate to see people receive special treatments but I guess it does happen.
  8. Ouch......Don't worry you should get a decent number of invites from other provinces - with a TFR of 63.02
  9. Interesting article for UBC applicants http://blogs.vancouversun.com/2012/03/09/competition-for-med-school-spots-means-parents-desperate-to-see-their-kids-get-in-are-trying-everything-but-not-always-succeeding/
  10. Hi guys, I feel ancient. I have been away for almost 2 years and the forum looks so different. In 2011 I started an mmi prep group and we saw massive success year after year. Due to my hectic schedule and the fact that I was part of the interview team at one of the unis, I was unable to do it last year. But now I'm back and have time to help with the MMI. Like the previous years we wanna have a good mix of applicants (different age group and degree backgrounds).
  11. I have some free time away from the hospital this month so if anyone needs help or advice regarding their application I'm here to help. Just pm me.
  12. Rupchatt has some good points but at the end of the day your goal for the mmi should be to present your ideas in a coherent manner and remain open minded through the process. And remember that controversial topics like religion, race or political views are usually not dealt with in an MMI.
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