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  1. J'avais l'entrevue cette année pour Mc Gill à 7h15, et lorsqu'on nous a fait descendre dans la grande salle, un petit déjeuner, style buffet, comprenant des pains au chocolat, des croissants, des danoises aux fruits, tous miniatures. Il y avait aussi des bouteilles de jus de pomme, d'orange et d'eau. Mr Dansereau nous a invité à nous servir avant qu'il ne commence à nous informer sur comment allait se passer les entrevues. Après les entrevues, nous sommes tous retournés dans la même salle du matin, où nous attendait des sandwichs de toutes sortes, allant du jambon fumé et fromage, brie et din
  2. Salut à tous et à toutes Je ne sais pas si cela aidera... J'ai reçu une invitation aux memfi le 29/03par courriel mais sur mon portail de l'UdM, c'est toujours "à l'étude"... Bonne chance!
  3. Hi everybody I wanted to know around how many days a week will we be having classes? Is it from monday to friday? Also, is it most probably early classes (8h-8h30) and the days finishes early? I am just curious about the approximate number of hours we will be having classes. Thanks a lot for sharing
  4. Posted on the Class of 2016 google group "You should be receiving the hard copies of the letters some time next week to the mailing address as per your Minerva account. Please note that we cannot consider you a registered or enrolled student until the first day, August 21." Michel Dansereau. Good day everybody
  5. PDF I just received an email signed by Dr Razak, no PDF attached... I will call the office tomorrow.
  6. Yes, by mail. I was asking because this is written on Minerva: "Applicants are advised that the information displayed on this site may not be relied upon as an official acceptance to the University. The official admission decision is conveyed in the formal Letter of Acceptance." So maybe it is the e-mail they sent me?!? Will give them a call tomorrow. Thanks anyways Doctor Strangelove
  7. Hi, Does anybody knows when we are supposed to receive the formal letter of acceptance? Thanks : )
  8. I received the notice of decision via email, my minerva still no change
  9. Just received an e-mail!!! I'm in! Good luck to all of you! See you in a few months!
  10. Hey everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just received an e-mail confirming that they are offering me a place in the fall 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!! I'm so happy!!!!!! Good luck to all!
  11. Thanks very very much futur_doc Thanks for your kindness, for all the time you spent helping those who needed anything concerning its application. You are an example to follow. Thanks again and may God bless you
  12. That's a good idea! Unfortunately, UdM gives the prerequisite without the labs. So yes you can do them at UdM, and apply there, but you won't be able to apply to Mc Gill (labs obligatory) That's exactly what happened to me! I've done all the prerequisites at UdM, and now I'm redoing them at Concordia! As for the taking them in cegep, I heard that the courses are longer, there than in the university. Hope it helped you
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