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  1. Most importantly know what is on the slides and said in class. Profs should only be testing what they teach. Use the textbook when you can't understand the slides.
  2. As much detail as possible so that it does not look like fluff. Quality is important. If you write about holding doors open for people behind you as a volunteer activity, reviewers might question the true significance of your other activities.
  3. I used first year to feel out how much time I could commit to ECs for future years. GPA is king so I estimated the best I could achieve and involved myself in ECs more and more until it just barely started to affect my GPA. I surprised myself with how little spending less time studying/going to class affected my GPA. I probably spent equal amounts of time on my courses and ECs.
  4. How black do I have to be to apply through this program???? What if I'm mixed ... or my parents are mixed. Who judges who is black enough for this program?
  5. If the highlighter colour trend continues, I am predicting a bright neon yellow ... bleh ...
  6. From their website http://md.utoronto.ca/academic-requirements: If you are applying in the final year of a three year or four year degree program, you must complete the degree requirements and provide proof of completion prior to the date of enrolment in the MD Program.I'm not sure when 'date of enrolment' is, and whether or not they make exceptions.
  7. I wrote the new MCAT this summer (129/127/128/131) and last summer (129/126/131/130). I wrote the DAT this November (22 Bio 22 Chm 25 RC 21 PAT). Bio - should study ecology/taxonmy for the DAT. I did not do this and purely guessed on about 5 questions but ended up lucky with a good score. Chm - no need to study more topics, just do practice questions. RC - super straight forward compared to CARS with heavy focus on detail questions. Do practice questions to get timing down. PAT - focus and practice this as there are no transferrable skills from the MCAT. Good luck!
  8. I'm in grade 11 right and I'm quite interested in a career as a dentist. I'm just wondering what the people who have made it into dental school achieved in highschool. Are high highschool marks a somewhat acccurate indication on the chances in the future? What will be 'safe' (Im smart enough to know 100% is ideal of course)?
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