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  1. it is possible though. A student transferred into 2nd year at uwo this year. We saw her at white coat.
  2. Seems like the increased tuition is what should cover improvements in the dentistry department
  3. I looked at some of the fees that UWO recently posted on my student account. Some seem reasonable like the health and dental plan (which seem pretty good, compared to other universities), others seem like it should be possible to at least opt out and some have no explanation. For example is it possible to opt out of the bus pass? And what is a "dentistry donation fee"?? Anyone else have any thoughts on these fees?
  4. just select them all. if you don't apply to them, nothing happens
  5. Yes, you should speak to a professional student loc specialist because a regular banker will know next to nothing about this.
  6. It is relatively difficult to get a loan for studying in the states. Although it depends on your cosigners. I was not approved for a loan and at the time of the application I had a full time job and both my parents (cosigners) also had a full time job. Also international tuition are significantly more than than the 250k max loc for international schools. So, not only do you need strong cosigners but you need a way to prove that you can somehow fill the 100-150k gap.
  7. chad's videos will be enough for chem. for bio you need to use several sources because its such a broad topic. use kaplan, ap bio, and several practice tests, anytime you see something new add it to your notes, you need to do a lot of memorizing.
  8. Check out my signature for my study method. Worked well for me twice now. It has all the materials I used.
  9. I think you're probably ok. If you're worried you should just call AADSAS and confirm.
  10. What is a typical day like for D1 at Western?
  11. Other than a student LOC from a bank did anyone apply for other loans/grants. If so, what was the amount of those loans?
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