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  1. I was accepted off the waitlist my year like 2-3 days after I found out I was waitlisted. Typically the bulk of the movement happens once people make the MUN vs Dal choice (so in the next couple weeks or so). There can be another small bump in movement when other Canadian schools results come out too.
  2. I know for sure I did title and my role (first/second author) and I think I put journal in too. They anonymize the applications anyway, so it doesn’t make sense to waste characters on your name/names of others in your publication.
  3. Hey! So I was in a similar position. I’m not sure if there was a limit back when I applied, but that’s exactly where I put things like pubs/posters/abstracts/presentations.
  4. 100% correct. If you’ve got any other questions feel free to PM me.
  5. See image below, not many sub-subspecialty training programs. That said, MUN students have been successful at matching to those programs not offered at MUN through the years. There are also always a handful of people who match to MUN programs who did medicine elsewhere.
  6. Hey! Current MUN Med student here, just wondering whether you mean in terms of MUN students matching outside of Newfoundland and Labrador or matching to a residency program at MUN in general from either MUN or another program!
  7. It also looks as though MUN clerks will be tentatively returning July 6th as well. We've been told we will be given 4 weeks notice in order to arrange travel and comply with any potential mandatory quarantines. Unsure as to what the timeline for completing Core will be.
  8. Accepted applicants don’t receive any scores on their letters unfortunately.
  9. Hey! Current third year at MUN here. You have to option to do two week placements in NB in first, and second year. There are also a number of clerkship streams where you spend all of your time in NB. As for fourth year, you can do electives in NB through MUN if you choose to. If you’ve got any questions, you can PM me and I’d be happy to answer them for you.
  10. Honestly, your absolute best bet is to contact Admissions and get a ruling from them on this.
  11. Huh interesting, I never knew that they had those seats as supernumerary ones. Perhaps you’re right and they just didn’t have enough uptake in this category but this is a way to try and increase people with rural backgrounds in the program. Side-note, phenomenal username, I’m re-reading the series before starting clerkship.
  12. Actually, NS added 25 residency positions effective for the 2019 CaRMS cycle. 10 family med, 15 Royal College (not sure of the breakdown of those). https://globalnews.ca/news/5453476/medical-residents-training-truro/
  13. Most likely, especially if it's sustained like that. Shows you can perform academically, even though you had a rough start. MUN can be pretty forgiving GPA-wise. The first time I applied my GPA was very mediocre, my EC's were very basic and I still received an interview as an NB resident. I never really understood how, but it happened. I guess they saw something in my application that they liked, as the website says that they take "a holistic approach" to evaluating applications. That said, nothing in life is guaranteed but death and taxes and you never quite know what the competiti
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