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  1. Regrets Location:OOP Stream:English wGPA:3.95 Current year:3rd ECs: pretty good i thought especially but bombed casper
  2. Result: invite GPA: 3.95 MCAT: 519, 129 cars ECs: pretty normal activities, nothing spectacular Year: 3rd year ug Geography: oop
  3. I don't have any profs I know very well who can complete a reference for me. I have one prof who taught me for a few courses over a couple years and I have done well in the classes but he says his letter can only comment on my coursework. I have another prof who I took 1 summer class with but she seems more willing to look at my CV and comment on my attributes outside of academics. Which prof do you guys think is more favourable for the academic reference? It seems only a few of the questions on the reference form are strictly related to academics.
  4. TIME STAMP: 12:21pm PST Interview Invite: Invited Early/Regular Deadline: Regular Interview Date: GPA: 92-93% AGPA (if applicable): not MCAT: balanced high 90s ECs: a little bit of everything, not much hospital/medical experience but some long term activities Year: 3rd year bsc Geography: IP
  5. applied to canadian schools this cycle but want to see what my options are if i dont get in, also tempted to apply to top tier US schools (ivy league, stanford, etc.)
  6. Is volunteering in a hospital or shadowing a physician pretty much mandatory to be accepted for an american school? As far as I know, Canadian schools don't seem to care too much about that but I have pretty decent ECs other than lack of clinical experience and have a good gpa (~3.95) and mcat (98 percentile). Closest thing I have to clinical experience is volunteering at a long term care home and working with people with special needs.
  7. Hmm... mine is definitely not 4.00 since not all my grades are A+ but 3.93 seems low as my UCalgary gpa is 3.95.
  8. My cgpa changed from a 3.93 a few weeks ago to a 4.00 now. Anyone else have that happen?
  9. Yes its on the application, it just got updated today or within the past few days. Beartracks says my transcript was received Sept 25.
  10. Does Calgary and Alberta use the formula to calculate your GPA? My Calgary GPA is 0.02 higher than my Alberta one.
  11. Hmm okay thanks, even if they've acted as a supervisor for the lab I was an RA in?
  12. hi guys, just wondering if anyone has any experience of applying/getting accepted without a reference from a professor, i know the content matters more and i have a phd student who can speak about my academics but kind of worried right now that i should have asked a prof instead, what are your thoughts?
  13. yep you just pick the top 3 that happened during your university years, what i meant is that i don't have enough activities to fill up certain categories so was planning on moving things around to be able to get at least 3 activities for each category
  14. For ottawa you're only allowed 3 entries for each type of activity
  15. Hi guys, my gpa is around 3.95, CARS 129, what are my chances as an OOP? assuming my ECsa re average.
  16. Anyone know what the CARS conversion to VR will be? I have a 129 cars and 3.94 gpa, and how good will my CASPER have to be to get an interview as an OOP?
  17. Just wondering what you guys think about putting really low level activities (10-20hr total) on the application, would it even make a difference? or is it better to just fill up the app as much as i can even if the activity is just filler?
  18. yep my only concern is that most of these activities ended were done 4 years ago so not sure how that will be looked at
  19. i've been involved for 10+ years as a soccer player and 4+ years as a coach, when you average the hours out, it's around 4-6 hrs a week for practice, games, travelling for tournaments, etc.
  20. Hi guys, please let me know if it's worth applying this year based on my ECs, only listing my major ones here with 100+ hrs but managed to fill up all entries except high performance, most other activities have 20-50 hrs Leadership leadership camp participant, 500 hrs kids summer camp leader - 170 hrs club executive - 170 hrs Service soccer coach - 2000 hrs Capacity to work with others soup kitchen - 120 hrs Diversity learning french - 2000 hrs piano - 3000 hrs soccer - 7000 hrs group fitness instructor certification - 100 hrs guitar - 400 hrs research lab volunteer
  21. If I've done unpaid research work that doesn't fit under the research category because of no publication, what section should this go under? I'm applying for Ottawa and already have 3 volunteer activities so I'm thinking about putting it under extracurriculars, would I be penalized anyway if it's in the wrong section?
  22. What if you started before the age of 16 and continued with it after but are not presently doing it anymore?
  23. Hi guys Right now I know I have a few references from volunteer positions that can provide a strong LOR for me. However my academic connections aren't very strong. I've done very well on courses and can get a prof to write about that and perhaps send them a copy of my CV too to get an idea of what I do outside of class but I don't know the prof very well personally. Alternatively, I've volunteered in a lab helping with studies for a phd student and she can probably write me a good academic LOR but she isn't a prof, is that still acceptable? Thanks!
  24. Does it look really bad if you have multiple activities in one organization? They are legitimately different (soccer player, soccer coach, team manager) and they have different verifiers. Just wondering what your experience is with this? Thanks!
  25. Hi guys Is psychology a suitable pre requisite for the social science category?
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