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  1. Hi guys If i was a volunteer in a lab and helped with things like lit reviews, compiling data, running experiments, etc. but will not be getting published for my work, am I allowed to include this in the research section in the sketch? Or should i put it in another section like the volunteer section. Thanks!
  2. So if I was a volunteer research assistant in a lab but wasn't specifically working on something to get authorship in a publication, how do I enter this on the app?
  3. Hey guys What goes in the "duration" box in the awards section of the abs sketch?
  4. Hi guys, first time applying to UBC here and I'm just wondering what your thoughts are for filling out the different sections in the non academic activities. Is it better to fill up all the sections, even if the activities are not significant (20-30 hrs from a few years ago) or would it be better to leave them blank and have fewer entries with only the significant activities? Thanks for the help!
  5. Hi everyone. I am IP for UBC and a third year applicant, just wondering about your thoughts on my chances at UBC and if there are any other schools worth applying to. GPA: 93% for UBC, 3.92 OMSAS MCAT: just wrote it so no results yet but probably did pretty mediocre on it ECs: Work: lifeguard- 3 years, mcdonalds -2 years Volunteering: thrift store (40 hrs), special needs swimming program (40 hrs), soup kitchen (124 hrs), summer camp leader (175 hrs), canadian cancer society volunter (45 hrs), soccer head coach (1000 hrs), senior home volunteer (30 hrs) Others: lifeguarding and aquafit
  6. Selling Exakrackers MCAT 2015 set, condition is like new, no writing or highlighting. I am located in Vancouver, bought them brand new and only had them for about a month. Please make me an offer.
  7. I guys, wondering if you could give me an update on my chances. I'm a 3rd year IP for UBC. Also, do you guys think it would be acceptable to put very old and insignificant volunteering jobs/experiences just to fill up the application or would it be better to leave it blank? And out of my long term activities, I only currently still do one of them and my only other current activities are shorter term, does that look bad? GPA: 92.8% MCAT: not written yet Awards: about 4k worth of scholarships from gr 12 and first year university Research: 2 posters, 1 international level conference, 1
  8. Please rate my application, I'm a 3rd year applicant, IP for UBC and am looking at applying to McMaster, Queens, UofT and UOttawa. UBC GPA 92.8%, OMSAS 3.93 MCAT: haven't written it yet Employment: burger king (when i was in high school)- 2 years lifeguard, swim instructor, aquafit instructor -3 years ECs: soccer player (not high level but did get some awards) - 10 years 3000 hours coaching and serving as head coach of my soccer team - 4 years 1000 hours piano RCM level 8 - 10 years, 3000 hours guitar playing (recreational) - 400 hours, 2 years soup kitchen volunteer-
  9. I will be entering university next year and I am wondering if going to SFU instead of UBC for undergrad will hurt my chances of for getting accepted into med school.
  10. would chemical engineering (specifically UofCalgary) be a very structured program?
  11. hi guys I'm wondering if it is possible to do 3 or 4 years in engineering and still get into medicine? would you be able to complete all the pre-req courses in those 3 or 4 and keep a competitive GPA for medicine?
  12. Hi guys What schools allow people to apply while completing the third year of undergrad? and is the GPA calculated using only first and second year marks? and anything else I should know about applying as a third year let me know, thanks!
  13. thanks for the quick responses guys, aside form UWO, are there any special programs that other schools offer? i'm planning on going to UBC
  14. hey guys i know that there is no required undergrad for medicine but i have interest in both medicine and engineering. Would it be possible to do an undergrad in engineering and still get into medical school? I know that engineering has a heavy course load so I might not be able to get all the pre reqs done. Anyone else know more about this?
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