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  1. I’m considering applying to the resident loan interest relief program which defers the principal on OSAP payments and pays the interest in the meantime. There is a return of service agreement attached but I’m unclear on whether they will pick the specific site you work at or if you can still work anywhere in the province? I would appreciate input from anyone informed about it. Thanks!
  2. Thanks! I checked and the dean will send a letter without issue. For anyone searching who finds the post, this is standard and proceeds smoothly.
  3. Hello everyone, I'm a final year medical student that went unmatched during last year's CaRMS cycle and took a fifth year to succesfully match this year. A section on the CPSO application asks "Has your enrollment in medical school been prolonged or extended for any reason beyond the standard curriculum completion time set by your medical school?" and I'm not sure how to answer. I didn't fail anything during medical school, or even require remediation at any point. I did take a 'standard curriculum 5th year' that had already been created by the school from previous years. If I answ
  4. In case anyone is curious, the 2015 Dean's Report shows the 2015 SWOMEN rate is 58%, a historical low.
  5. Just echoing what's been said. I interviewed for 30 minutes and all went well.
  6. SWOMEN Post-Interview Acceptance Rates 2006 - 81% 2007 - 73% 2008 - 77% 2009 - 64% 2010 - 70% 2011 - 75% 2012 - 96% 2013 - 76% 2014 - 76% 2009 had 50 SWOMEN acceptances, while 2012 had 94. It's less of a number quota and more of a post-interview boost.
  7. http://forums.premed101.com/index.php?/topic/77408-questions-to-ask-when-asking-about-locs/
  8. When I asked for proof of enrollment, Schulich responded promptly by e-mail. The confirmation of enrollment just has my name and length of program on it, which worked for my bank (Scotia). My funds were available the same day.
  9. Source: http://www.westerncalendar.uwo.ca/2015/pg1691.html IMS Honours Spec does not have a 4th year research project IMS Honours Spec only requires first year chem + Orgo I & II as far as chemistry courses go IMS Honours Spec allows you to replace Orgo II with any other 2nd year chem course If you decide to take a double major, use this website for information about the common course policies: http://www.schulich.uwo.ca/bmsc/academic_resources/policies_and_procedures/common_course.html
  10. Police checks are due soon, if someone is unfortunate enough to have their past interfere that badly then the waitlist might move a bit.
  11. That's no good Ei-chan, you need to focus solely on going pro.
  12. Format didn't turn out right so I'll just write them out 2006 - 60 2007 - 77 2008 - 49 2009 - Unknown 2010 - 62
  13. TIME STAMP: 11:54 AM EST Result: Accepted to London campus Program: MD wGPA: 3.97 MCAT: 13/11/11 (PS/VR/BS) Interview: Very relaxing interview with the friendliest panel possible. I thought it went well. Year: 4th year Geography: SWOMEN I will be accepting, looking forward to meeting you all!
  14. Can anyone confirm this: with Western, as long as you already meet the top-two year cutoffs, then there isn't a final GPA to maintain post-acceptance, right?
  15. There's no choice, they're co-requisites.
  16. The lab course and lecture course go together, so I'll talk about them as one course. Taking these will leave you with a busy workload, so try not to take a lot of other project-oriented courses at the same time unless you feel like you can handle it. The exams/quizzes in these courses are very easy, but they don't make up the majority of the marks, the projects do. Every assignment (critique, report, essay, proposal, poster) you do in these courses is worth a 25% chunk and the late penalties are enticing (10% off for being 3 days late; I suggest resisting the temptation). There are also some
  17. Most of the great anat/phys courses have already been suggested in this thread. If you have you have by any chance taken biochem 3381A then you'll also be able to take biochem 4450A - molecular genetics of human cancer. I would say getting an 85+ is easy and 90+ doable in this course. I would also say it's the easiest 4th year course I've taken outside of the mandatory medsci ones (4900/4930). The course load is quite average for a 4th year course, and outside of exams there is one paper to write (which can be done in a group) that is due near the end of the course.
  18. You're correct, it varies each year but I would like to add that they seem to award over 60 according to the student run http://prospective.uwomeds.com/ site (bottom of the 'top 10 reasons' list).
  19. http://forums.studentdoctor.net/index.php?threads/breaking-down-the-mcat-a-3-month-mcat-study-schedule.623898/ check this out
  20. MCAT: 35 (13/11/11) GPA: 3.98 ECs: Average, hoping to beef them up before applying next cycle I know I'm good for Ontario schools, but can anyone tell me which OOP schools I have a shot at?
  21. In my opinion: Physics: NOVA Physics Chemistry: Berkeley Review Biology: Princeton Review Organic Chemistry: Berkeley Review Verbal: TPRH/EK101
  22. To be fair, you did not study for the trial section, and some of those questions (e.g., ones too difficult) will not be used on the 2015 MCAT. Lastly, it was the last section you wrote and did not count towards your score, so you were likely less focused on assimilating relevant knowledge and reading carefully while writing the trial section. The passages are of comparable lengths, it's just that there are more of them. It's longer, but the scales should reflect any changes in difficulty to award you with a fair score.
  23. good luck guys! feel free to update us with your scores in this thread
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