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  1. Similar situation to Serendi... I have a max loan from BMO, about 60K (in theory by the end of yr4) from gov BC, and about $140K from the school.
  2. whats up with the skeleton post bumps?
  3. Your MCAT is going to hurt you big time :(.
  4. Overall your app looks decent?.. obviously MCAT is a bit low for some places, but your new clinical volunteering should help a lot. I would personally never have done DO, because I want the flexibility an MD offers you, but i'll probably get a lot of fire from people about that. I'm hopeful for you. Make sure to review EVERYTHING in your app and improve everywhere you can (write about what you learned, not just what you did, for activities, etc.)
  5. I don't think Psych is a pre-req, but I might be wrong. It will help you on the MCAT though.
  6. Your MCAT isn't super competitive, but the rest is decent. Clinical (i.e. your hospital volunteering) hours are OK but could do with more. I'd say aim for mid-tier. As to your TMJ, you could mention it in your personal statement. Work hard on showing why you're a unique applicant.
  7. Pick what you think is best, and then just make it clear in the description. It's not a big deal as long as you dont purposefully misrepresent.
  8. I think you'll do relatively well. Try to spin everything clinical. Good luck!
  9. There are some weird ones though... take SUNY Upstate for instance.. they love their Canadians more than they love OOS Americans. Bizarre, but it's very obviously the case.
  10. I would say just describe with as much detail/depth as the space allows. The more they are convinced that you know what medicine is truly like, the less they'll question your intentions.
  11. How are your clinical experiences? This is super important in the US.
  12. I've been told by 2 different administrators at Case (about separate incidents) that this has been a problem and that the students ended up getting very few interview invitations. The faculty members had to make calls for them to find out what was going on, because they were otherwise very competitive applicants. The calls helped, but obviously there's only so much that can be done at that point in the residency application. Both faculty said I should do EVERYTHING in my power to get a green card before entering the match. TBH, this makes sense, but as you said, probably worse/mostly for
  13. I’m not sure why it matters? MSAR should be indicating Canadians as internationals, and as far as tuition is concerned there’s no difference between OOS and INTL
  14. Ive heard recently from multiple sources that internationals (incl Canadians) graduating as USMDs are having a much harder time in the match. Residencies are using screens that keep them from even interviewing candidates, so do whatever you can to get a green card or know that this is definitely a risk.
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