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    bearpuppy reacted to caramilk in Confused Regarding USMD applications   
    This link sums it up pretty well. As a Canadian/non-US citizen, you should submit your primary and then secondaries as soon as possible when the application opens. Since applications are rolling, it is similar to think of it as a first come, first serve basis for spots. Canadians have a worse chance of admittance than US citizens so it is even more important to submit things in a timely manner to maximize those chances. If you want to enter medical school the next year for USMD, you should have sat your MCAT early enough to get your scores back that May when the system opens to apply. I'm confused, how many years are you taking to complete your degree? 4, 5 or 6?
    If you want to be admitted after a typical 4 year degree, this is should be the timeline:

    - 3rd year of university: if you did not write the MCAT the previous summer, you should sit for it this academic year to have your MCAT score released by May of 3rd year
    -  Summer after 3rd year of university: Work on the application as soon as it opens, submit as soon as possible to be verified, work on primaries and secondaries ASAP, potentially start receiving interviews
    - 4th year: attend interviews, receive acceptances as early as October 

    If you haven't taken any of the pre-reqs, you should have most of those done before you apply. As a Canadian, you need to show that you are strong in all of the components of your application, including sGPA. This also includes clinical and non-clinical volunteering. Hope this makes sense!
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    bearpuppy reacted to dumbebell in Do you need to pay the entire tuition up front or annually?   
    Depends on school! Wayne requires full fees to be paid of upfront 
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    bearpuppy got a reaction from Serendi in Paying for US med school tuition?   
    Similar situation to Serendi... I have a max loan from BMO, about 60K (in theory by the end of yr4) from gov BC, and about $140K from the school.
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    bearpuppy reacted to Serendi in Paying for US med school tuition?   
    There are schools that you can attend for less than 400k (might be tough with current exchange rate). There are schools that give out funding (grants/loans) to Canadians - Yale, JHU, Northwestern, Sinai, Harvard, Vandy, Duke, Dartmouth, Columbia(Free), NYU(Free) and so on. ofc there are no guarantee that you can get into these as they tend to be one of the most difficult schools to get into. 
    I'll use myself as an example. My school's total cost will be ~450k incl. tuition, housing, etc. I'll be getting ~160k from school grant, ~200k from CIBC loan, ~30k from OSAP, which leaves ~60k for family contribution. My family's definitely down there in the SES scale so this wouldn't have been possible without that grant, and getting loan took a while too. 
    It's doable, but tough. 
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    bearpuppy reacted to JohnGrisham in Paying for US med school tuition?   
    If youre family is willing to support 100-200k, then you can definitely make it work without much issue.

    You can get up to 275k CAD or more from the bank with parents as cosigners, then you can get government student loans 10-15k/year (or more depending on the province), and then the family savings. 

    First you need to figure out your list of schools to apply to and where youre competitive.  
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    bearpuppy reacted to xClashx in USMLE Step 1   
    M4 here at USMD school. Throwing my 2 cents in.
    step 1: UFAP + Sketchy micro 
    Step 2CK: Onlinemeded + annotated Uworld x 2, revisit sketchy micro. Reread the high yield section in FA for step 1 (my ck had a lot of step 1 type qs)
    Step 2CS: FA for  CS. Uworld is also really good to practice writing notes. Read what is actually important for the exam and understand what they are looking for (eg. physical exam counts for the least, so dont spend too much time on it. Notes are huge, so practice. Order only initial tests for a problem, not full blown workup)
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    bearpuppy reacted to uncharted1114 in USMLE Step 1   
    At my school, SketchyMicro/SketchyPharm is another beloved resource in addition to UFAP.
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    bearpuppy reacted to uncharted1114 in Do you need to pay the entire tuition up front or annually?   
    To get your I-20 (the document you show at the US border to legally enter as a student) you have to prove to your school's international office that you have the means to pay your cost of attendance for just your first year. This can be through a combination of financial aid offers, scholarships, bank statements, etc.
    However, schools can require international students to put as much as the 4 year cost of attendance into an escrow account to matriculate. I've found this to be common for schools that accept internationals but don't give any financial aid. It's also up to the school whether you pay 4 years of tuition upfront or if you're billed every year/semester/quarter/etc. 
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    bearpuppy reacted to Serendi in NYU to make medical school free   
    It was already a freakishly hard school to get into thanks to super-high MCAT (last reported median of 521), super high GPA, being in New York, smallish class size, etc. Esp more so for internationals/Canadians. 
    It's not like Columbia became any harder to get in after its Vagelos announcement. 
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    bearpuppy reacted to UndecidedMD in Chances at American Medical School?   
    Just out of curiosity, why are you applying specifically to American schools?
    It's all personal preference, but with those stats I feel like you'd have shot in Canada, especially IP.
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    bearpuppy reacted to Med Eye in Chances at American Medical School?   
    Just make sure you get your primary application documents in as soon as possible, just to give yourself a decent chance!
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    bearpuppy got a reaction from collegeboiq in Need some advice   
    I think you'll do relatively well. Try to spin everything clinical. Good luck!
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    bearpuppy reacted to Serendi in List of Canadian-friendly USMD Schools - 2019 ver.   
    Stated as accepting and actually accepting are two totally different things. Rutgers had 248 int apps & none interviewed. RWJ had 203 int apps & none interviewed. not friendly at all.
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    bearpuppy reacted to Serendi in US Medical School Chances   
    GPA is great and EC is OK (try to see if you can get shadowing). But that MCAT's going to kill your chances. Study hard and go for the third MCAT if you want to go for USMD. Good luck! 
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    bearpuppy reacted to JohnGrisham in How to meet American school Prerequisites ->UBC Student   
    Usually 2 half courses (6credits total) is fine as they understand it's equivalent to 8cr as long as it had lab component
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    bearpuppy reacted to Serendi in .   
    USMDs need clinical experience. Wait...hospital volunteering is a clinical experience, but that 100hr is not enough, combined with no shadowing and below-par research experience. Any non-clinical? Statwise you're not bad, but with 508 already on your scoreboard and below average EC will make things super difficult. If you want to give it a shot, then I'll suggest you to take a year off to beef up your EC and then apply. 
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    bearpuppy reacted to Serendi in How long should I wait off on submitting my primary?   
    Generally, faster the better. That being said, submitting with a better PS and a better application overall is always better than rushed submission. You can submit your primary by mid-June (ie. 15th) and you should still be in the early group.
    When you submit your primary application, AMCAS takes time to verify it (mostly your Transcript). It takes couple days for them to complete verification; if you submit it by mid-June, your primary should be verified by the first week of July. Then schools will start receiving your verified primaries and will start sending you secondaries, which for this year starts on 6/29.
    I don't recommend submitting your primary on July, as it can take AMCAS up to five weeks to verify your primary application. Let's say you submit your primary on July 1st and get it verified by, say, first week of August. Now, if you have everything ready by then - LORs, etc - and prewrite secondaries for those schools you're applying to, then you're still not late. Cutting close, but still not late. If your stats are impressive, it won't hurt. If it's mediocre, however, then it's always better to submit them early. Competition piles on as time goes. 
    And get that LORs ready! Again, they should be in by the time  you submit your secondaries to schools, since without them the application won't be marked 'complete' by schools and your app won't be reviewed. 
    For reference, my last application cycle was like this: 
    6/17: Wrote MCAT
    6/21: Submitted primaries
    7/16: Primary verified
    7/17: MCAT score received, started sending applications to schools
    7/29: My US Undergrad's premed committee started releasing LORs
    End of July - middle of August: Secondaries submitted to schools and Apps marked complete
    August - December: IIs rolled in
    Hope that helps! 
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    bearpuppy reacted to Serendi in Which schools consider Canadians as Out-of-state v.s. International?   
    You're right! Take note, other SUNYs (i'm looking at you Buffalo and Downstate) 
    Kentucky, too. Although they're off the MSAR's 'accept Canadians' section this year
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    bearpuppy reacted to Serendi in Question About How to Write About Clinical Experience   
    I also agree that putting it together as a clinical experience paints a better picture of the position. How many shadowing hours do you predict to have? Some schools are really keen on having dedicated shadowing hours thats different from other clinical activities. 
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    bearpuppy reacted to Med Eye in Would an upward GPA trend make it worth applying to higher-end MD schools?   
    Make sure you get your primary application in early as it is hard enough as a Canadian, later application can be a real death knell.
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    bearpuppy got a reaction from BalkanRelations in Would an upward GPA trend make it worth applying to higher-end MD schools?   
    Also remember that american schools REALLY care about clinical ECs and experience. but yeah, there's no recipe for success at a top 10/25.
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    bearpuppy reacted to Edict in Canadian studying in Canada vs Chinese studying in US   
    What I typically find is that the most talked about and sensationalized aspects of applying for competitive positions are the factors that one cannot change (i.e. where you are from, where you went for undergrad, what your citizenship is). This is because people love to judge people in ways that they know will not change over time. However, the reality is much different. I find the factors that make an impact on admissions are those that can be changed (test scores, interview preparedness, ECs, GPA).
    Yes, I am calling OP out for being a shit disturber, excuse the language. There really is no need for this thread as in reality, both would make it into medical school given a strong app.  
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    bearpuppy reacted to JohnGrisham in Would an upward GPA trend make it worth applying to higher-end MD schools?   
    Your non academics will play a huge role. Marks aren't the differentiating factor at top schools. 
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    bearpuppy reacted to JohnGrisham in Would an upward GPA trend make it worth applying to higher-end MD schools?   
    Those schools are difficult even for a cgpa 4.0. Apply if you want the chance, but still make sure to apply across the board.
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    bearpuppy reacted to JohnGrisham in List of Canadian-friendly USMD Schools - 2019 ver.   
    Above that. International students usually require well above the posted averages.

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