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  1. Hello, since you have family members in both Med and Dent, would you mind compare the earning potential between those two career? If prestige, status, title, bragging right, impressing the Joes etc... is not in the equation, and one enjoys both equally, which profession would you recommend?
  2. So why don't you saved yourself from the opportunity cost of getting into medical school?
  3. I don't understand why many people were upset. The OP, as well as all of us, are free to do whatever we want, as long as it's legal.
  4. think about all the prestige of being a med student (and future MD), then you will feel better
  5. Do you guys think that healthcare professionals, especially doctor, dentist, nurse, are overworked and underpaid?
  6. This is probably just an exceptional case; otherwise, why don't we hear people talking 'bout it on the news, student blogs, or any form of discussion?
  7. "Your question will be referred to a Referologist for further and proper answer(s); meanwhile, for today consultation, please swipe your health card"
  8. You have the potential to become a great politician lolz, just kidding
  9. I won't get upset if it's just one or two (or even a handful) of experience. However, me + my friends + my family have plenty of those experience My fiancee even told me that her family doc doesn't border say hi (just jump in, looked at the file, wrote a referral ... less then 10 second in total)
  10. Got a slight skin allergy, went to a family physician, got less then 30 second check-up, and got a referral to a dermatologist ... Went to the dermatologist and got an over-the-counter medication for hypersensitivity ... Nice referring skill there! I got this problem multiple times, so it's not just "one bad apple ruins the basket". I guess the term Refertology should be added to the medical dictionary
  11. brag + exaggerate = wonderful CV (at least online) Many people (including me) enjoy bragging online, either to troll people, or to release daily life stress, or to compensate for inner insecurity (over compensation?). So don't take everything you read (or hear) as complete truth lolz
  12. probably fit in the "padding" section on the CV
  13. I have sacrificed so much in my life! I didn't have a life in undergrad, suffered through a hateful master degree .. i'm 26 and never hold a full time employment before Btw, are you being naive? I see plenty of people in the med class walking around as if they are the king of the hill, looking down on others
  14. Just wonder if our Canadian Healthcare system will be reformed anytime soon? I keep hearing rumors about lower salary, increase scope of practice for alliance healthcare practitioners, change in insurance policies etc... Will compensation go down the hill? there is obviously less job available nowadays
  15. That's right, assuming that healthcare policy never change
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