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  1. I worked in 3 different labs during my undergrad, 2/3 were psych. If it interests you stick with it because so many aspects of psychology show up in medicine and the admissions committees do acknowledge this fact. Additionally, just being involved with research in general is good for your application and should be included because there are personal skills (e.g. curiosity, critical thinking, etc.) that are fostered.
  2. I think for GPA it is more accurate to say there is a minimum and the rest of your application can be used to compensate for a slightly lower average. GPA is certainly not a cutoff...the average GPA rose to 3.96 this year and to me this suggests that they give the GPA a lot of weight for most applicants. MCAT, as far as I can tell, is just a cutoff but last year there was someone on this forum with a really low VR score that still managed to get through so there is still grey area and possibly room for the rest of your application to make up for any faults. This is a benefit of U of T's mo
  3. I recommend not taking on much in the way of ECs in first year. GPA gets your foot in the door (most of the time)- figure out how much time you need to get stellar grades and keep your sanity to help gauge how much time you can meaningfully dedicate to ECs.
  4. Same! My canada post tracking number said they had received my deposit and forms but they never emailed me so I emailed them asking. I feel like a more official confirmation will come out following the Tuesday deadline.
  5. I spoke to the admissions office and they said they can provide a letter confirming that I accepted my offer but RBC said that wasn't enough. They said it has to be an official confirmation of enrolment which apparently isn't until classes start
  6. Does anybody know which banks (ottawa area) will release funds from an acceptance letter or a confirmation that you have accepted your offer rather than "confirmation of enrolment"? U of T said they won't provide confirmation of enrolment until August 31st but I was hoping to get the LOC earlier to help with moving expenses, replace my laptop, etc. RBC said that they can't release the funds until they receive that confirmation (so basically I won't have access to it until September). I know friends from other schools have had no problem getting LOCs before classes begun.
  7. Me and two other friends have heard back this morning. So a few emails have been sent but I can't imagine this being the full batch of acceptances
  8. Woah got an email an hour ago...came on here and was shocked by how little activity. Good luck everybody!
  9. TIME STAMP: May 12 9:07 am Result: Acceptance (St. George Campus!!!!) Interview Date: March weekend Program: MD cGPA: 3.99 I think MCAT: 11/10/12 ECs: See interview thread. Mainly research, some tutoring, lots of sports! Essays: Spent a lot of time on them, thought they were really good! Year: 4th year undergrad Geography : IP Got the axe from Ottawa, so I will 100% be accepting. Super excited!
  10. Sat on two waitlists until August last summer, it is super frustrating especially since there is such a long post-interview wait before factoring in the waitlist. But so many people get in off the waitlist at most Ontario schools and usually within a few weeks, so it really isn't too bad!
  11. I think uOttawa is maintain a 3.85 in the year of admissions for in province applicants, not too sure about other places
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