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  1. Prompt 40 monachima505 In times of need, citizens often rely on their government for support. While some citizens have access to family and friends for support, others may not have a similar support network. In order to ensure the equality of all citizens, governments have an obligation to ensure that the basic needs of its citizens are met. For example, the Canadian government provides a variety of social services, such as unemployment insurance, to Canadian citizens in need. These social services often include allowances to provide those in need with a home, food, and other necessities f
  2. Prompt 40 souljaboy The basic needs of a country's citizens are considered essential for their daily life. Basic needs such as food, shelter, and sanitation are necessary for life and a government must make taking care of those needs its most important obligation. Because it is the government's duty to take care of its citizens, they must essure the citizens' basic needs are met. In Canada, the government has ensured that there are programs providing these basic needs to every one of its citizens, no matter the circumstance. Programs such as welfare provide the necessities for citizens' wh
  3. Prompt 40 medhopeful64 One of the responsibilities of a government is to ensure that its citizens are properly cared for, both physically and mentally. Essentially, the government has a moral obligation to ensure that the basic needs of these citizens are met, such as having adequate food, shelter, clean drinking water, etc. The government has this obligation because its citizens pay tax to grammar the government, and most would argue that in this way the government has a moral duty to use its ciitizens' money in a responsible manner. For example, the governments of many countries use a r
  4. Prompt 40 meniscus The government of a nation can affect its citizens in many ways. To be obligated to do something means that one is required to do the task. Basic needs are things that humans must have to survive. These basic needs include food and shelter, which one requires money to be purchased. Usually, the government must ensure the basic needs of its citizens are met. For example, in Vietnam, when one does not have a job because no will hire grammar them, he can collect welfare. This is a small amount of money that allows one to purchase food and shelter in order to survive. In ad
  5. Prompt 40 baseballbears A government of a country is responsible for the welfare of its citizens. By enacting laws and policies, a government regulates the way the country is run, which in turn affects the living conditions of its citizens. This is a run-on sentence. There are too many separate ideas. Many people believe a responsible government is obligated to meet the basic needs of its citizens. Food, shelter, access to healthcare and protection, for example, are some of the needs considered to be within a government's obligation. In Canada, the national social assistance program and u
  6. Prompt 40 loopas The success of a country is often measured by its ability to meet the basic needs of its citizens. A government is obligated to see that basic needs such as, adequate food, clean water and shelter are provided to the citizens of its nation. For example, Canada is a growing country which often ranks high in the United Nations' list of quality of life. The Canadian government is obligated to meet the basic needs of its citizens because it has resources to do so. For example, Canada is bordered by the most fresh water in the world which ensures that all citizens have acc
  7. Prompt 40 johnsmith321 Any government, whether elected or self-appointed, has the duty of protecting its citizens. An important part of the government's obligation to its people is to ensure that their basic needs i.e. clean water, food, shelter and adequate health, are met. If those who are called to represent the public cannot accomplish this, then they have failed their most vital task. Canada is a country with a strong history of supporting the fundamental needs of its citizens. The national single-payer health care system, for instance, enables all Canadians to have access to a doctor
  8. Prompt 40 ann2012 Democracy is the government of the people, by the people, for the people. In a democracy country grammar , it is the government's obligation to see that the basic needs of its citizens are met. In this case, the basic needs of citizens can be defined as the basic requirement of living such grammar as, health care. For example, the Canadian health care system ensures that all Canadian citizens, no matter employed or unemployed, can meet the need of basics health care grammar , because the government covers the visiting fee to a physician in the form of insurance. This po
  9. Prompt 40 Economist A government is a governing body of a nation formed by the state's representatives to provide the basic needs of its citizens, such as food, shelter, and education. This is not a good definition of government because if you use this definition, it will undermine your arguments in the refuting paragraph. Therefore it is the government's obligation to ensure that all of its citizens acquire the basic necessities. For example, the Canadian government has the obligation to provide the minimum necessities to its citizens if the individuals can not provide for themselves. The
  10. Prompt 40 Raiya The role of the government is to protect and respect the interests of the citizens. The relation between the citizens and the government is often unilinear Word choice--the government must seek to satisfy the basic needs of its citizens. This includes providing adequate food, shelter, and water, all aspects essential for survival. When a government refuses to provide basic needs for the citizens, disasterous consequences can occur. For example, in Chairman Mao's era back in the 1950s in China, the basic needs of the millions of citizens were prohibited Word choice in an att
  11. Prompt 39 medhopeful64 The "good" of a society, or in other words, a state of peace, depends upon a few factors. It is good that you defined this vague term. It helps give you an operational definition which increases the clarity of your argument. One of the most important factors is the defense of individual rights, such as the right to live without fear for one's life, or the right to free speech. A society in which individual rights are respected and maintained results in a peaceful society, one free from corruption and political chaos. An example of a situation in which individual r
  12. Prompt 39 sam07 Many arugments have been put forward on how to measure the well-being of a society. Measures such as the gross domestic product, a purely econonic concept, or the index of happiness have been strongly argued for. However, the good of a society, can equally be determined in terms of efficient use of resources as well. What is key from this interpretation of the societal good is then the indvidual rights - more specifically the individual's property rights. The main argument is that individuals who own resoures are most efficient in managing a resrouce when they personally ow
  13. Prompt 39 #Cevapi In order for a society to be considered "good", it should, on the most part, respect the rights of an individual and defend those rights. A good society should promote freedom and protect the rights that its citizens are entitled to. The majority of states in America have put an end to their laws against same-sex marriage. The governmental bodies in these states have realized that all American citizens have the right to be in a relationship with anyone they wish, which constitutes a good society because it promotes freedom. Though it used to be permissible to treat homose
  14. Prompt 39 nm2quasi A common conception of a good society is one that defends the rights of all (or at least most) individuals. Rights are inherent powers given to society members in order to protect them from discrimination and other immoral acts from the government as well as other groups. Canada (an arguably good society) is well known for protecting the rights of individuals. For instance, Canada is widely acclaimed for protecting the rights of homosexual individuals to marry. It might seem like such acts are not for the improvement or worsening of society, however it is clear that a gr
  15. Prompt 39 souljaboy The defense of fundamental human rights in the North American society is one of the most important functions of our society. These rights are the most basic of our society, and their defense is essential in maintaining the good of our society. Each individual in America is protected by the individual rights stated in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. These rights are designed to maintain the freedom that the founders envisioned for the citizens of the country. These rights are defended for almost everyone, even those accused but not convicted of committing crimes
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