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  1. Th Thanks. I hope you get in this year. I am waiting as well.
  2. Do you remember when was the interview date last year? I am still waiting as well.
  3. That is amazing congratulation to those who got accepted. I got rejected in May. I am of course a little shattered because i put all my eggs in one basket. I want to reapply again next year. Can someone share tips of being successful in interview?
  4. Can someone provide insights into the MMI with PT program? Or websites as guidelines and how to practice? I am still waiting to hear from Mcgill. And if i don't get in this time i'd want to prepare for next year. Congrats to those who got in!
  5. Wow congrats! Hope it went well. Please share some insights if possible. I am not sure why i hadn't heard anything from them. I'm anxious and wondering if I still have a chance.
  6. If i am not mistaken the April 17 was the first cut off date for the 1st invite to the interview. So if i have not receive a refusal letter yet, does it mean that I have made it past the GPA but not the CGPA? so confuse...I have received a refusal letter from QOT but not QPT.
  7. Thank you for the information. Do you know when is the absolute last date to know if we get invited for the interview? I am afraid if I get into a new job and get a one week notice to fly out for interview, and tickets are expensive, that might be challenging. If I did not receive a rejection letter from both PTQY and OTQY, does it mean I still stand a chance?
  8. I am still holding up my hopes, I have not been rejected yet. I've applied to both QPT and QOT at McGill...I hope people reject the invitation because they have something better haha...! Then i can jump on board. I can't wait to move on with my career plans..after battling for 3 years to hopefully get into physio.
  9. Mine says submitted, there's a question mark besides it, when I clicked on it, says "submitted, awaiting review". Please tell me it is not over yet :S Anxious!
  10. Where does it say awaiting review? I don't see any activity or status on my uapply.
  11. Congrats to those who have received the invitation! So anxious, can't wait to get started with PT at Mcgill, have not gotten any email yet.
  12. Congratulations to those who got invited for an interview. I applied to QYOT at Mcgill as well, I did not get any email. Does anyone know if they will send an email even if you're rejected? I just sent in my QYPT detail request from admission and hope I will hear from them.
  13. Oh great! did you submit and have they reply? I have a problem, these specific courses are not my best:( so i am feeling rejected already. I also applied to QYOT, no news from them yet.
  14. Just got an email from McGill QYPT, to fill out an excel sheet on specific courses. Has anyone got that?
  15. Does anyone know when we'll be getting news from McGill QYPT/OT? When was last year's date?
  16. It seems likes ORPAS has a GPA calculation with a lower scale. How can I know my cGPA or sGPA so I will know what to do in order to apply through them again for next year?
  17. Thanks Alice. It put things in perspective now, instead of constantly feeling like I don't have a close to 4.0 GPA:)
  18. Hi Mhunte03 thank you for your feedback. Will you be able to give me some personal advice? I hope you are enjoying the program you are in right now.
  19. Does anyone know if i can reupload my resume to McGill QPT on the uapply site, if I have already uploaded it before? Is there a word limit to the resume, will 2 1/2 pages be acceptable?
  20. Hi all, I am applying to McGill. One question, I do have a learning disability that i'm managing ok i guess. Do I have an advantage or disadvantage if I mention it in the personal statement? I sent in all my transcripts to ORPAS but towards the end of the semester i screwed up my courses and from sGPA 3.45 it dropped to 3.33. My cGPA is around 3.2. Though i have great work experienced and references. I was too discouraged and did not submit my essays. So now I only have one chance, applying to qualifying MPT and OT in Mcgill. It is due next week.
  21. I am applying to McGill master in Physio and was wondering if it is a good idea to mention my learning disability in the personal statement?
  22. Has anyone who has applied and got into an MPT or MOT program has a learning disability? I am applying to Mcgill QPT and QOT and want to know if I should include details of my learning disability in the personal statement. Is there any advantage or disadvantage? GPA 3.43 dropped to 3.33 as of Dec 2014. A little discouraged but determined. Thanks.
  23. Hi, I'm in the same boat as Paperbag. I'm trying to get into Physical Therapy and currently doing pre-requisites. I started reading threads on this site a month ago and has totally changed my confident level. The positive thing is, it brought me to reality and at least there is a direction, though it can be bleak sometimes. My education history is very complex and low GPA. My degree is a BA from Australia. If i am not mistaken, my GPA after converting is 3.0. I had no direction, my parents just wanted me to have a degree. I have 7 years history as a personal trainer and extremely passiona
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