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  1. there's no compitition because they already won the seats as long as they keep their gpa above 3 or 3.3/4. This year there are over 480 applicants, and they select 60 for interview, in the end 25 will be admitted (which has no preference whether you are a mcgill student or not). So you need to be top 5% of the all the people who has at least 3.3/4 cgpa. Good luck.

    If i am not mistaken the April 17 was the first cut off date for the 1st invite to the interview. So if i have not receive a refusal letter yet, does it mean that I have made it past the GPA but not the CGPA? so confuse...I have received a refusal letter from QOT but not QPT. 

  2. Thats actually not totally correct. Anyone who is applying for the masters (PTQY) will not be in competition with the undergrads whatsoever. The 300 mentioned above that apply (or whatever the actual number is - I think it may be higher..) is just people applying to the masters WHO DID NOT do the PT undergrad. Students who did the PT undergrad are automatically reserved spots in the masters before graduating from their undergrad and will be accepted if they maintain a certain GPA. So don't worry about your UG/School/etcetc once you apply its not technically relevant, what is are the prerequisite courses you took and your GPA in those respective courses, as well as your letter of recs, letter of intent, and ECs. Good luck to everyone! Feel free to message me if you have any questions.

    Thank you for the information. Do you know when is the absolute last date to know if we get invited for the interview? I am afraid if I get into a new job and get a one week notice to fly out for interview, and tickets are expensive, that might be challenging. If I did not receive a rejection letter from both PTQY and OTQY, does it mean I still stand a chance?

  3. Hi Fisio, I think you can reupload your resume. I did not find the word limit for resume, but you can contact the administrator via the Uapply message tool. 


    Regarding GPA, I found the following information which might be helpful:

    1. PT: Evidence of high academic achievement, equivalent to a B+ standing, or a McGill cGPA or 3.2/4.0 (75-79%). The average CGPA of candidates who were offered admission to the Qualifying Year in 2014-2015 was 3.5/4.0. The lowest CGPA offered admission to the 2014-2015 Qualifying Year was 3.25/4.0.


    2.OT: Evidence of high academic achievement equivalent to a minimum of a B standing, or a McGill CGPA of 3.0 (70-74%).


    Good luck!

    Thanks Alice. It put things in perspective now, instead of constantly feeling like I don't have a close to 4.0 GPA:)

  4. I have a learning disability, and spoke about it in my personal statements for last years applications, and was offered an interview at McGill that I ended up choosing not to attend.  However, if done in a meaningful way, writing about your learning challenges can support your application.

    Hi Mhunte03 thank you for your feedback. Will you be able to give me some personal advice? I hope you are enjoying the program you are in right now. 

  5. Hi all,


    I am applying to McGill. One question, I do have a learning disability that i'm managing ok i guess. Do I have an advantage or disadvantage if I mention it in the personal statement?


    I sent in all my transcripts to ORPAS but towards the end of the semester i screwed up my courses and from sGPA 3.45 it dropped to 3.33. My cGPA is around 3.2. Though i have great work experienced and references. I was too discouraged and did not submit my essays. So now I only have one chance, applying to qualifying MPT and OT in Mcgill. It is due next week. 

  6. Hi,

    I'm in the same boat as Paperbag. I'm trying to get into Physical Therapy and currently doing pre-requisites.

    I started reading threads on this site a month ago and has totally changed my confident level. The positive thing is, it brought me to reality and at least there is a direction, though it can be bleak sometimes.

    My education history is very complex and low GPA. My degree is a BA from Australia. If i am not mistaken, my GPA after converting is 3.0. I had no direction, my parents just wanted me to have a degree.

    I have 7 years history as a personal trainer and extremely passionate about my job.

    I also got accepted to UBC as an unclassified student. But have not decided what course to take yet. It's been a long stressful journey from acknowledging the challenges, facing the challenges and now taking on the challenges.

    I do look at BSc in Physio, Australia, UK, US and other countries occasionally and thinking if i should leave study aside and work to apply abroad. But the cost will be 3x of what i will need to pay in Canada.

    So the thought of going back and forth is really affecting me sometimes.

    Sorry Paperbag, not of much help, but i can update you if i succeed in any thing along the way.

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