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  1. Hey everyone!! 2 months until we hear back from NOSM. This thread is so quiet this year! Has been since they switched forum format! Hope everyone who had interviews last weekend had a great time! I'm getting excited for mine at the end of the month in sudbury! Not much longer now folks!
  2. Timestamp: 8:50 am Interview: Yes! GPA: OMSAS 4.0 scale: 3.61 (B.A Psyc) + (0.20 boost from Masters in Cog. Sci)= 3.81 Context: Born and raised in Sault Ste Marie. Completed my undergrad there as well. ECs: Worked in variety of health settings: walk in, NP office, family doctor's office, mental health hospital. Volunteered 3 years at hospital. First aid instructor. Currently in Compressed RN program. Non-trad?: Non-trad # of previous applications: 4!! (This is my 5th application! haha I will not give up! interviewed all 4 times. Ranked waitlist for first time last year-made it to #9 on the
  3. Dear Ranked Waitlisted Applicant, This is the 2nd update on the status of your position on the ranked waitlist for the Northern Ontario School of Medicine. The following movement has occurred on the waitlist: We have moved through the top 15 people on the waitlist, therefore the original #16 on the ranked waitlist list is now #1. Thus others on the waitlist will move up accordingly. class now consists of 61 confirmed accepted learners. You will receive weekly updates on the status of the waitlist regularly until our class is filled.Thank you! Northern Ontario School of Medicine
  4. Time Stamp:8:55 Accepted/Waitlist/Regrets: Waitlisted at #26 so close yet so far ! Gpa:3.61 + 0.2 for masters so 3.81 ECs:varied, hospital, walkin, ta, first aid instructor, runner Trad or Non-trad?: non-trad Decision (will you accept your offer)? Would absolutely accept if it got that far:) Campus:either:) also 4th time applying, 4th time interviewing, first time making waitlist. happy for progress:)
  5. Hey everyone! wondering what everyone else though about the McMaster mmi this past weekend? I know a couple questions caught me off-guard-what did everyone else think? Hopefully most of us will hear back in the next 2-4 weeks
  6. I interviewed last year for pa and was rejected ( no wait list). My cgpa from undergrad is 3.61. But I also have completed a masters degree in cognitive science with straight a's. Don't know if it helps. I volunteered at hospital for 4 years and worked at several clinics: telemedicine walk in, family doctors office, nurse practitioner assistant and mental health hospitals( over past 3 years).I also teach first aid and cpr. I have research experience 2 publications and lots of community involvement. Combined I feel like I have a good shot but you never know. I will also be interviewing for nosm
  7. congratulations! do either of you mind sharing your gpa? I am anxiously waiting as well when do u have to respond by?
  8. i just received an interview offer:) we have till april 7th to respond! So excited! goodluck everyone!
  9. last year I received an interview invite onTues march 26 @8:15 am and had to reply by april 2 or 3ish
  10. im in the same boat. i'll probably accept queens and pay deposit for now (unsure how much that is). but apparently you can decline offer later if you get accepted at your preferred school instead. Lose the deposit tho. My cgpa for undergrad was 3.61 so i was surprised to get offer but i also have 4.0 masters and lots of working in health care settings
  11. it was fast! I wasn't expecting to hear from queens till april. I got an email with the offer stating my package was in the mail and to check solus for deadlines. I applied a while ago, probably December and submitted pse in january
  12. I received an offer to Queens Accelerated yesterday! I have to respond by march 15. Waiting to hear from western before I decide . But so excited!
  13. For those of us who did not gain acceptance last year, did they send everyone this generic email quote? See below. They did not alude to whether my interview score affected the score. "Competition has been very keen for a limited number of places in the program. Based on a composite of your supplementary application and academic achievements, we are not able to offer you admission to the program."
  14. I applied to Ottawa U for nursing last year and got a rejection email of Feb 1 because my anatomy and physiology course I took in undergrad was missing some body system
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