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  1. Also interested in this. Any change in the number of psyc applicants this cycle?
  2. Thank you for the advice. I will look into changing my electives schedule so that I have a viable back up.
  3. In terms of safety, is it worth applying to family medicine programs even though all of my electives are in one specialty (though a general one, aside from four weeks in the summer in psychiatry)? I don't think I'd mind being a family doctor, but at this point my electives are pretty much set in stone except for one, so I'm wondering if it's worth using that block for a family medicine elective just to back up. I wouldn't mind also applying to psyc but I feel that the summer electives aren't enough to substantiate an application. In terms of getting interviews, do family programs inter
  4. Can someone elaborate a bit more on the role of Women's Health/Low Risk Obs family doctors and also GP Hospitalists?
  5. I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for electives or preceptors for Psyc or Family at UBC, U of C, Ottawa and U of T. Thanks.
  6. I'm a pre-clerk who will be doing an elective in a location that I will probably be interested in later. The intent was to do another clerkship elective in the same location, maybe with a different focus but within the same hospital since I heard a lot of the same doctors work in the various clinics offered. Would this be shooting myself in the foot or will the physicians that supervise me during this pre-clerk elective be understanding about my lack of experience on the wards?
  7. Now that it's after the holidays, how is everyone feeling?
  8. Out of curiosity, what type of activities should a medical student be involved in to be competitive for a primary care specialty like psychiatry or internal in major urban centers like Toronto and Vancouver? I am involved in a couple of things, but I keep hearing contradictory statements from people where matching is not relevant to ECs in these specialties as much as it is to clerkship evals, or vice versa. I'm just especially interested because for competitive specialties publications and the like seem necessary for matching but I am unclear on how much/what makes a competitive applican
  9. I know this is an early comment, but I would be especially interested to hear from those pursuing different career paths to get a firsthand example of lifestyle differences across specialties (in residency and beyond).
  10. How relevant are premed research experiences and ecs for carms, if they do remotely relate to your field of interest?
  11. Out of curiosity, do most visiting students avoid McGill as a place for electives due to needing French and also the fact that they don't consider electives of less than 4 weeks?
  12. Thank you, that is great to know. I still have time to think and talk to student affairs about this so hopefully it will work out.
  13. Thanks for your input all! I'm finding it hard to find approximate hours for specialties like physiarty, psychiatry and such online so I was making a guess with the 9-5 since everyone says they have the best hours along with family med. And I am of course willing to work hard, but I do suffer from a condition which often causes chronic fatigue which is why I am interested in learning more about specialties with lighter hours and also learning about what that means during residency and as an attending after. (I also do want to mention that as of right now I am interested in psyc, neuro, pe
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