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  1. I'd like to know as well (preferably Foothills site) How was your experience at South Health Campus?
  2. Time stamp: May 12 - 7:35am Result: Accepted OOO, IP Graduated last year. wGPA: 3.94 Stream: English Interview: I thought it went really well but wasn't sure about few of my answers.
  3. Invite Date Stamp: 9:37am Location: OOO, IP Stream: English wGPA: 3.94 Current year: UG complete ECs: 2 years research + nserc with pubs, tutoring, dancing, typical volunteering, many scholarships and awards, club exec, very short term employment.
  4. Does it look bad if we ask an interviewer to repeat a question even though it might be a long, ethics scenario? I find it hard to absorb + respond to all the relevant facts of a case at once when the question is being delivered by speech (vs. for example on CASPer when you can reread the question). What approach can you take to make sure you remember important parts of the question? Thank you.
  5. OMG same here. i was in the middle of it and gave me page error. Their phone line is busy
  6. So, if I started an nserc project in May of my 4th year but had my convocation in June, am I technically allowed to put the nserc work in top 3, since it was started before my degree was conferred but still occurred during the summer of final year? :S
  7. Yeah it seems like the majority of those who posted they were waitlisted already got off the waitlist!
  8. Congrats! Looks like they are at the next interview score group again?
  9. waitlist email said 116 spots for Anglophone.
  10. I listed my university's registrar's office as the verifier for scholarships/awards since they must have that on record.
  11. Wow that's great! Thanks for the update.
  12. Time Stamp: 9:02 AM Good Waitlist wGPA: 3.95 Location: OOO/IP Stream: EN ECs: research 3rd/4th year, many undergrad awards, club exec, dancer, nursing home and hospital volunteer, tutoring for more than 5 years, very short term employment. Felt I answered some of the interview Qs very well in the sense that they were honest and showed my personal life experiences and motivation for medicine. However, I struggled with 1-2 Qs which is why I think I was waitlisted. I was not confident after the interview; I cried every time I thought of May 13. I'm glad I still have hope and praying I ge
  13. TIME STAMP: 5:29pm Feb.14 Result: Reject wGPA: 3.97 (3.95 omsas) MCAT: 8/9/10 ECs: nursing home and hospital volunteer, tutoring for 5 years, research 3rd and 4th year, club exec, many undergrad awards, dancer, other small things. Essays: Felt good about them and that it reflected my experiences. Wanted to get them edited a bit more though. Year: UG 4th year Geography : IP Depressed but I guess I don't have anyone to blame but myself especially with that 8 in physics :'( Congrats and all the best to this year's interviewees!
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