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  1. I’ve removed a recent post for its derogatory language. Any further progression will get this thread locked. Please stay professional. It is possible to disagree respectfully. Ian
  2. Hello all, I would like to welcome a new moderator to the forums. Symphonie has graciously joined as a new moderator. Thank you for all your contributions to this forum, both in the past and in the future. Ian
  3. I am monitoring this thread. If it devolves like the other one, which it is at high risk of doing so, it will also be locked. Ian
  4. That discussion is not appropriate nor welcome here. Any new threads, with or without personal identification, will similarly be removed. Ian
  5. Please stick to reasonable discussion, and not personal attacks. This thread has the potential for a really good discussion, but if the personal attacks continue, it gets locked. Ian
  6. This thread has run its course, and is going to be locked. Ian PS: Canadian family physicians are most definitely NOT overpaid, and are critical to a well-functioning Canadian healthcare system. Change my mind.
  7. rmorelan put in a much more eloquent and detailed reply already. Bottom line, leave personal identities/names out of this discussion. Any further threads will be removed. Thanks! Ian
  8. Hi ralk, Last reply for me too then. It's been good debating with you. I hope that the other readers have a more nuanced perspective of both sides of this discussion. 1. No, I have both a marriage, and a corporation. You have a marriage, and the option to form a corporation. These corporations were fully endorsed and vetted at both the provincial and federal levels. Why do you think the federal government didn't just decide to abolish physician incorporation, instead of adding all these punitive measures while leaving the corporation concept intact? As I've shown you earli
  9. Hi ralk, Still have to disagree with you. 1. My wife did purchase shares in my corporation. Of course, this was early on when the corporation had little value. Subsequently, through my work, the corporation generated profits, and as a shareholder, my wife should be able to share in those profits. When Jeff Bezos started Amazon, or Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook, those initial privately held shares were worth very little. Now those shares are worth a substantial amount of money. This is the goal of a corporation, to grow, create value, and generate profits for their sharehold
  10. ralk, Great reply, which opens up even more topics for discussion. 1. This income splitting via dividends was designed into the taxation system. As such, it's not a loophole. A loophole is an unintended feature. It was even promoted by various provincial governments as a way to avoid increasing physician fee schedules. Issuing dividends is at the core of business and the stock market, and therefore is a core portion of our economy. If I buy shares of Royal Bank, I receive a fraction of its profits via dividends for as long as I own the shares. Similarly, if my wife purchas
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