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  1. The 2017 admission recap video should answer your question: Like the above poster said, course-based masters provide no significant advantage as you will likely be assessed as an undergrad applicant. Of course, you can take the year to build on other stuff though (improved letters, ECs, etc.).
  2. The UofT application requires the most amount of time due to the essays in addition to the sketch. But if you are preparing an application for UofT, just apply to queens and ottawa as well (assuming you meet the minimum gpa required). For the essays, go through many versions and get a variety of people to edit (not just med related). Also, whenever possible, connect to CANMED roles and try to incorporate personal examples. This can help your essay stand out since most applicants tend to form the same opinions on a particular topic. When presenting a particular point of view, acknowledge
  3. How close are you with the research supervisor? Will this be some last minute generic letter or do you think he will make an effort to write a good letter? If you think he will write a good letter, I would go with this one. Take a look at the UofT clusters and CANMED roles to see if your 3 letters cover most of these.
  4. For Uoft and Queens, your GPA and MCAT are fine. I got into both this year with very similar stats (slightly higher uoft wgpa). Your ECs seem average and nothing really stands out to be honest. If this cycle doesn't work out, this would be an area to improve. Get more leadership experience and if you like research, keep pursuing that. How you present your ECs on the application also makes a huge difference. For UBC, you might be on the lower end for GPA if you are OOP. Based on their interim statistics for this past year average GPA for OOP interview invite was 92%. With that said, if yo
  5. I believe that refers to a personal message that will be sent to the referees with your reference form. You can leave it blank.
  6. I think your EC's are on the weak side but you have lots of time to improve. It's great that you are thinking about this early. You are right about quality over quantity so don't worry too much about doing stuff just to fill more entries. You can show quality but showing progression in the EC's that you are currently doing. For example, the research assistant activity may lead to abstracts/presentation/publications. You can even take on more leadership roles in your current activities (i.e. leadership position in the student groups that organize open house events or a more senior volunteer rol
  7. Your mac should come pre-installed with textedit. You could try that.
  8. You could send them the CANMED roles (http://www.royalcollege.ca/rcsite/canmeds/canmeds-framework-e) and ask them to speak about specific ones. You can also send them the "clusters" UofT states they use to evaluate applicants. Just try to cover as many CANMED roles/clusters as you can with the 3 letters (of course you won't be able to cover everything like medical expert).
  9. I personally studied for 2 - 2.5 months while holding a full-time job and thought it was sufficient. You have more than enough time between April - September. Make a study solid study schedule and stick to it (schedule in off days and you won't burn out). Your comfort with the material also makes a difference. I did a bio degree and barely had to study for the biological sciences section. I think you will be fine!
  10. I am not sure if you are being sarcastic lol. You have a 3.99 GPA - you do not need to write the essay. The purpose of having a full course load is only to be eligible for the wGPA which you don't need.
  11. I would not bother with the explanation. Your GPA is competitive enough.
  12. Just give it your best and see how it goes. Students with great ECs get rejected all the time because they don't write up a good application. Spend time crafting your EC description and essays. When getting LORs, be clear with your referees in terms what is required. You can even send them a copy of the CANMED competencies and ask them to touch on these when possible. You need to dedicate some serious time to writing up a good app so don't procrastinate on this. There is no standard EC profile that you need to follow. Some people do tons of research and some others do nothing at all. I p
  13. I agree with the poster above. You need to evaluate your performance by practice scores and not too much by how you feel. I haven't met a single person yet that was super confident going into the test. Everyone is nervous and we all think that we could have prepared more. In my opinion, going into the test with the mindset of voiding is not a good idea.
  14. You only need to know first year level physics for the MCAT and so it will be fine to take only in University. With that being said, I found first year physics to be very similar to what I did in high school in grade 12.
  15. From what I remember from the last cycle, there is a 150 character limit which includes spaces. I personally avoided full sentences in my descriptions and wrote stuff like "assist w/ data collection+manuscript prep+stat analysis". It worked out fine!
  16. Are you looking for a position during the school year? If so, it's definitely not too late as there is no strict deadline. Just keep contacting professors to see if any are willing to take on students. You will start out as a volunteer but can potentially convert this to a paid (i.e NSERC) position in the summer between 3rd and 4th year. You can also look into research/project courses if your university offers any. Some universities also offer work-study part-time placements if you quality for OSAP. Look into this and see if your school offers something like this.
  17. It took me about a 1 to 1.5 month to complete the entire application including essays. It does takes quite a long time and a few revisions. Also, it takes quite a long time to enter everything into OMSAS. Would not recommend leaving to the last few days.
  18. For Canadian admissions, GPA can only be significantly improved through undergrad courses. So you're right about pursuing more course work as opposed to masters. I think you need to think carefully about going abroad. It is very very expensive and it can be difficult to come back to Canada (esp for ireland/aus/Caribbean). I wouldn't suggest these options unless you've at least tried to apply in Canada (for most, it takes more than 1 attempt to get in). In terms of your ECs, a lot will depend on how you present these. Many people with excellent profiles are rejected potentially because they may
  19. I think this depends on what your goals are. Are you focused on Canadian schools or American? If the primary goal is Canadian, you should re-write to maximize your chances since the schools here are mainly concerned with CARS and 124 is low. What do your practice scores currently look like? In my experience, CARS didn't deviate much from my practice scores (+/- 1 point). If you are happy with going to the states and feel like your current application is competitive for the states, then you can hold off on re-writing till next year. I am not too familiar with US schools but is 511 and 3.82 GPA
  20. They don't state if they weigh any section more than others. They just seem to have a cut-off and this is probably set based on the application pool for that year (no one really knows!). Queens is really a black box when it comes to their admission policies. I would just apply and hope for the best!
  21. Queens is unlikely. They don't really reveal what the cut offs are and with excellent extracurriculars you may have a shot (so do apply!). However, 3.7 and 126 CARS is probably on the lower end.
  22. You should be fine for UofT since the MCAT is simply a 125+ cut-off and not assessed competitively. If you write a strong application and have good references, you should be able to secure an interview. Queens doesn't post their MCAT cut-offs but I got in this cycle with a 127 CARS (my psych score was also higher than yours but C/P was lower). Mac weighs CARS heavily and you may not be that competitive with a 126 (is 3.96 your cGPA as well?). I would suggest looking through the interview invite list to see if people with your stats got an interview (ECs don't matter for Mac). Ottawa does not r
  23. BIOL 110 does require quite a bit of memorization and is a little more challenging than 150. However, I would take whatever you're more interested in (they are both standard biology courses). I agree with the poster above that you could explore courses outside the science faculty. I personally took some CS courses as electives that I found super interesting. If you're interested in languages, go for that instead. Also, just take a quick look at some upper year bio courses that you might be interested in and make sure you take all the necessary prereqs.
  24. Like the above poster said, science GPA is not looked at differently in Canada. So take the Bio course as an elective if you feel you will perform well and not for the science GPA. The labs at Waterloo are 0.25 credits and not the full 0.5 credit. When I calculated my GPA, I didn't include them just to keep things simple. However, I also maintained a full course load without labs and so labs were just additional credits after 2.5 credits were filled with courses.
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