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  1. Hey Everyone Anyone have any experience switching a selective in clerkship, im in second year now and we just submitted our selective choice a couple months ago and i want to change one of my surgery selectives. Any advice on how to go about doing this / who to contact / is it even possible ?
  2. Hey Guys Just wondering if anyone had some resources on what surgical specialties are actually hiring and how hard it is to get a job post residency in certain cities (London, Toronto, Hamilton, Windsor)? I know its a broad question and the hiring market is always changing, but I'm just looking for some general trends. Thanks
  3. Hey friends i was wonder if you guys had any advice regarding surgical oncology. Would one get into this field through a gen surg residency followed by a surgical oncology fellowship? Is there a direct entry option? I really don't know a whole lot about this specialty and any advice would be greatly appreciated thanks
  4. first year was defiantly the toughest for me. I didn't really know how to study at the university level plus you have to take lots of courses which you may not be interested in. as you go up in years you specialize more and more into something which you really (hopefully) enjoy, which i did.
  5. i wouldn't say its the exactly the same, i think it depends on the doc your with, my friends have told me that observerships can be A LOT more hands on than shadowing. But with some docs its basically the same thing as shadowing. There is somewhat more trust placed in you on observerships i think
  6. ok thanks ill do that, our list of observerships mentions scrub cards but only in reference to UH, i guess they work at both facilities?
  7. its at vic, im not really sure where to get them? sorry for all the questions , its my first time going
  8. My preceptor was pretty nondescript about what we would be doing in obs/gyn, but she said she would try to expose me to deliveries. Thanks for the quick reply
  9. Hey Friends so i have 2 observerships lined up, one in the ER and one in OB/GYN. The confirmation email i received from my preceptors only said that i don't wear jeans. Can anyone shed some light on the dress code? should i dress like i do for PCCM? do i get scrubs, if so how do i get them? i feel like that would be way more hygienic. thanks
  10. Hi guys. Im having trouble importing my E4L account into gmail. I keep getting the following error "Gmail couldn't identify your POP server. Please enter your POP server information below." the pop server tab currently reads "mail.meds.uwo.ca", i cant seem to find what i should be changing it to online. any advice would be great. Thanks
  11. i remember being in 1st and 2ed year with people tossing out med admission stats all the time, mostly just to scare us i think. Honestly just keep your head down , focus on your studies and application and don't pay much attention to people trying to scare you. As mentioned above there are a lot of people who apply to a school just for the hell of it and as a result they inflate these stats a bit.
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