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  1. I'm not sure. I've just had my PARO insurance thus far through residency. I was looking into buying OMA insurance but I can't seem to figure out why it would make sense to get that now or to just wait to buy once I'm a staff and no longer covered my PARO.
  2. @garlic and @helloworldz I changed my license but I don’t own property in the province I’m completing residency in. I spoke to my accountant about it and he said you can make an argument either way and since I’ve moved between multiple provinces for school, I’ve always been filing in my home province. It has been fine for me for the past few years and I know other people who have filed in their home province but definitely look at your individual situation. I changed my health card and license too but my accountant still seemed to think it was fine and it has been for the past while. Obviously
  3. That isn’t a good solution. Another tip is to remember that you are still registered as a full time student and so theoretically can still file in your home province as long as you maintain that status.
  4. It's interesting. Lots of my friends in family medicine studied for their certifying exam in the couple months leading up to it but it didn't seem to take over anyone's life and no one seemed overly stressed about it in comparison with my friends writing their royal colleges. Going into that year for myself now is really stressful and I have no idea how I will sustain that kind of stamina but yet feel like I know nothing...
  5. Definitely would be interested in hearing more about side gigs and also how people get involved in the med education stuff if they don't otherwise work at an academic site?
  6. I wonder if they will drop the orals for the fall exams as well.
  7. Looks like they are cancelling the osces for the final year residents this year and doing written exams in the fall.
  8. Agree with this but if there is some movement to change it then I would be happy to support it absolutely. It is such a barrier to change this since it is out of sight, out of mind once you pass but this exam is truly worthless now.
  9. Thanks for sharing your story. I think this is also a good warning for people in that transferring is not a guarantee and is really getting harder than ever. People need to either be ok with their second choice specialty or not rank them because you likely won’t be able to get out. Unfortunately despite all this talk of wellness and resident burnout, our institutions remain inflexible in many ways, with transferring and with regards to other issues around resident well being.
  10. That's a good option for people who still feel strongly about their original specialty after the match and finishing FM.
  11. Anybody know anything about physician re-entry, how it differs across the provinces etc? Thanks!
  12. I have had experience with applying to transfer (not successfully for two years) but have had friends who have been successful. Feel free to PM for more info
  13. I was hoping to as well but was not successful. Maybe some success stories will provide the hope we all need.
  14. You can try and transfer. It's harder from FM to 5 year specialty but it has happened before. There was a family medicine resident who transferred to Neurology at my school a couple years ago but am not sure on if they were an IMG or CMG. Probably doesn't matter?
  15. Good luck. You can always try to transfer though it is hard and many people are not successful. It's good you posted to help people be aware of how committing your rank list is. It is truly hard to leave a program once you are in it. I hope you find your specialty fulfilling.
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