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  1. I'm a MD student in the USA and I've done both step 1 and step 2. The Step 1 is currently the biggest determining factor in an applicant's competitiveness to residency. However, as step 1 will become pass and fail, many people speculate that step 2 and clinical grades will become the biggest factor. Of course no one knows for sure currently. Honestly, I think you can self-study for Step 1 and do well in it in a couple of months. Most US students feel that a majority of our Step 1 prep comes from specialized prep resources (i.e. First Aid, Pathoma, etc, google them), and comparatively lit
  2. Thank you for the reply. I just found another similar thread and they mentioned that someone in my position (Canadian USMD applying to Canadian residencies) may not need the MCCQE? They said I'll need MCCEE? What is MCCEE? lol I'm getting all confused by all these terms. What is the name of the major exam taken by Canadian medical students where their exam performance is a huge component of their competitiveness for a certain residency position? AKA the USMLE Step 1 equivalent. Thank you!!
  3. Hi, I am a Canadian citizen studying at an US MD program (second year). I am considering applying to Canadian residency programs, so I will need to write the MCCQE Pt 1. I have a couple of questions: 1. When is the best time to write the MCCQE Pt 1 as an USMD? We typically do USMLE Step 1 (the US residency entrance exam) between 2nd and 3rd year, so my school gave us some free time for that. Should I write the MCCQE Pt 1 at the same time? 2. What other exams do I need to write before starting residency in Canada? MCCQE Pt2? 3. Has anyone done both the USMLE and MCCQE? Would you
  4. Hi, I have an interview coming up at a US medical school and they have requested me to take another physics class with lab because I only took one semester of physics and they require 2 semesters of it. Since I am closing in on a job in Burlington, and McMaster is the closest school to my job, so I am looking to enroll in the Physics 2 (incl. lab) class at McMaster. I already took Physics 1, so I'm looking for an easy first year course that I never took before, so I think that would be Physics 2. Now I'm completely unfamiliar with the McMaster courses, so I have no idea which class is physics
  5. I don't know if you will see this since you've posted this a few months back, but I thought I'd offer my personal story. I have a similar GPA with a stronger trend, much higher MCAT, and a great PS. I ultimately interviewed at 2 USMDs and was waitlisted. I know many people with similar or better stats than me with worse outcomes, as in less interviews or no interviews. So, I'd suggest that you really consider your plan of action carefully. You already wrote the MCAT twice with mediocre scores (for an international applicant anyway), so you'll literally need 98th percentile or above on your thi
  6. I would personally not recommend doing your second degree at U of T Kin. I did my first degree at U of T. We did have restrictions on courses where the students from the course's department would get first pick, then everyone else can start to enroll (i.e. chem courses are open to chem students first, then everyone else). I would assume it could be very difficult for a kin student to get into every science class she wants becauseshe would not get first pick at most science classes. Also, U of T is a very competitive academic environment, which I personally don't think it's beneficial for someo
  7. Why do you think you had a much lower interview to application ratio for US residencies than Canadian residencies? Is it because you are not a US citizen so it is that much harder to get into US residencies? Also, do you know any Canadians personally who wished to stay in the US for residency but were unable to?
  8. To OP, did you post the same thread on SDN a few months back? I remembered the Go part. You should apply to both MD and DO this year and will probably be accepted at at least one of them as long as you apply broadly and early. You are in good shape for DO, and still have a shot for MD but may or may not be ultimately successful in getting into MD. Either way good luck to you. That Go thing is really memorable if I can remember it after all this time and lots of "what's my chances" posts in between.
  9. Most USMD charges ~60k USD per year for international students. That's significantly more than Canadian schools when you convert them to the same currency.
  10. You have not done enough research on this process. First of all, the Caribbean is not a "much better option" for anyone. And not being an "elite academic" is something you need to overcome before starting medical school, not just use it as an excuse to go to the carribbeans. Second of all, 80%+ will not cut it for Ontario schools anymore (edit: except Mac but it wouldn't work due to your cGPA), and neither will it work for all other Canadian schools unless you have IP at somewhere like PEI. Look up the admission statistics at different schools. Since 80% at western=4.0 AMCAS, it may or
  11. I know someone who got accepted off Queen's waitlist last year in June. He was super surprised because he was a 3rd year student with a relatively uncompetitive app (even compared to 4th year students), so it just goes to show that miracles do happen.
  12. I had 3.1-ish GPA in my first degree, 3.9-ish in my second degree. I thought I could do the second degree to take advantage of the policies some schools have for only looking at best/last x number of years (like the schools you've listed: Queens, Western, Dal etc). But when I actually applied, I was either OOP or just missed the cut-off, or just got rejected (bad luck maybe). However, I got two interviews from USMD schools which I did not expect at all as an international applicant with a ridiculously low cGPA. So I'd suggest everyone who is considering to do a second undergrad to try to cast
  13. Retake the MCAT and go USMD. Edit: actually since you already have a DO acceptance, take it. Don't turn down an acceptance for a possible chance of getting into somewhere else.
  14. That previous reply is useless. Why is it any of your business to tell someone what location they should be open to work in? To answer OP's question: http://forums.premed101.com/index.php?/topic/89855-job-prospect/ The 7th reply by ConfusedSoul seems helpful.
  15. cGPA is a bit low for 3rd year applicant but with a great MCAT you may have a chance. Assuming your MCAT is decent, you'll be a great 4th year applicant next year.
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