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  1. People have ragged on him for typing too much but this was a personal attack. Who knows what could happen if he really is "unstable". But you're right, I'm sure he's fine.
  2. I swear to god if he pulled an Amanda Todd I'm going to be so pissed.
  3. Was a full house man. Lots of Christmas lights, music, shops open, booths, booze samplins'! Unfortunately the only thing I hate more than excessively cold weather is crowds so it was quite unpleasant for me, but you might have liked it!
  4. Why say it at all? Fck. It's text messages online, you don't like them just scroll by. Why spend your time ripping some kid apart? He was working on his ranting problem and was getting better after myself and a few others CONSTRUCTIVELY tried to help him. Isn't there enough negativity in the world?
  5. Ughhhh I don't know man, I don't know. I'm out. Thanks for the one-sided reaming.
  6. Anyone else go to the distillery district tonight?
  7. Sorry bucko can't throw this all on the table without cleaning it up. I have gathered that you are extremely irritable, and so yes I take this as small beans. But merely for constructive criticism I do wish to know, I always want to better myself, so in this case I do care. However, if what you meant was that too many of my posts are frivolous then I am well aware of that fact already, I just don't see it as a problem for me.
  8. Could you be more specific? Do you mean I act though I have knowledge on pre-medical issues which I do not, or are you saying that too many of my posts are frivolous? What are the OTHER reasons I irritate?
  9. From what I've come to learn on here, a 4.0 will guarantee it.
  10. What that I'm snobby? Worst thing that's happened to me...got pretty depressed in high school which led to the classic weight gain/poor grades/don't want to get up. The resulting years definitely took a toll on my jive self. But I've recovered a lot since then, a lot of it was just hormones/bad diet I'm sure. Double-feature: Worst thing that has happened to you? Do you wear glasses or have had laser correction?
  11. I mean what are your perceived faults with mien jerkstore? What do I hate most about me...procrastination as well, really the ONLY thing stopping me from doing anything I want in life. Also my balls are too hairy.
  12. He doesn't realize it's hard to convey proper inflection via text, which can sometimes lead to miscommunication and cut wrists. Same question back at ye, only for yours truly.
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