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  1. You gotta update your signature then
  2. You would write the exam gain in fall and continue with PGY3. It doesn't impact your PGY3. You might want to take dedicated time off before the fall CCFP exam.
  3. You definitely make more in the community, you get paid for what you work for. In academic, they have some sort of agreement of submitting their billings to a pool, and re-distribute the money among the staff. They do this intentionally, so clinician-researchers, program directors could be compensated fairly. I think that most academic staff physicians do it because they love teaching; or loving have residents doing calls for them. If you work in a community hospital with a small call pool, your life can get brutal.
  4. I second. I am still using my LOC as a staff as I was not paid in July. I used mainly my LOC for moving. I was very frugal during residency, I lived on my own in Toronto. Half of my pay went to the rent. I saved 10% of monthly salary; which unfortunately all went to CPSO licensing fees & tuition & LMCC2 & CFPC fees. CMPA fees are only reimbursed 75% by the government. Unless you do your residency in a medium-sized city with low rent or live with your parents; it would really hard to save your residency salary for tuition.
  5. They have discount if you rent it for a week and a month; renting a car is never cheap nor leasing a car. However, I like the fact that you get to drive brand relatively new cars and walk away from it easily if any problems. If you run into accidents; the Enterprise covers third party liability and your credit card covers your damage/losses.
  6. Hey I would still recommend that you go with Enterprise. I had a good experience with them; and paid 1000-1200 for one month rental, it's definitely not the cheapest company with CMA discount. They were very reliable and upgraded my economy car to regular car when they were out of Compact Cars. Enterprise does not sweat and overcharge you when you return the car for small bumps as long as there is no dent. One thing to not get is their insurance; as your credit card usually covers short-term rental!
  7. Hey to OP, I agree with the other members above. I strongly urge you to get in contact with your healthcare providers and obtain private counselling if you could afford. For studying, I think that 60-70 hours were a lot. I studied during pre-clerkship mainly to understand the patho-physiology and the fundamentals. There are always so many details that I still forget even as a staff physician. Knowing that you can always look things up on your phone, or use Uptodate before you see a patient; or while you see a patient; no one expects you to know everything. I was not aiming for A+, and I a
  8. I think so, but if you have 30% overhead for clinic for example. You just write the tax expenses off: i.e: you don't pay taxes on them; but you only take home 70% of the salary. Not to mention that incorporation and accountant fees would cost at least 3000-5000 a year.
  9. Very low to little like below 5% as its essential inpatient service that requires 24/7 coverage; most hospital physicians don't pay very much overhead unless they are doing specifically outpatient work. Hence, why it is more difficult to get hospital jobs.
  10. Hey I have been on my own for a lone time, I lived on my own since 18, and I never regretted! Trust me, if you are able to live happily on your own, you will be truly happy when difficult life circumstances happen. I find when I am alone and at piece with myself, I truly get to appreciate what I want in life, and what kind of qualities I look for in a future long-term partner. I know that it sounds cheesy, time heals everything!
  11. That would make sense. I really doubt they will raise the examination fees from 2780 to 4000 out of blue. Unfortunately, once you wrote the QE2, you kinda forget about it too!
  12. If you do your medical school/residency all in Canada, you won't face any licensing issues. The licensing fees are ranging from 1 k- 3k per province, and can take 1-3 months to get approved. I really hope that the FMRAC can come up with a national license, if you are licensed in one province, I don't see why the other province will have reserves about licensing you independently. For employment, the job aspects for family medicine are excellent. Same thing can be said about psychiatry, pediatrics and GIM. Just my two cents
  13. I believe that the OMA in Ontario has been able to negotiate a pay increase for physicians, the pay increase has been the most beneficial for family physicians and ID. Amid the pandemic, I would be surprised that Ontario government will decrease physicians' pay. For Alberta, their economy has been crashing due to oil crisis, I hope that the pipeline can be approved sooner than later to help the Alberta's economy. The Alberta Physicians Association has decided to take the Ministry of Health to court for their arbitrarily decision to cut physician salary, which is supported by CMA.
  14. For anyone who is interested: https://www.thestar.com/news/investigations/2020/04/02/some-canadian-medical-residents-on-pandemic-front-lines-now-but-exams-to-become-licensed-doctors-in-limbo.html?fbclid=IwAR3P98-1TwGvctUy0AB1TObc8kxbTXjNoN6gK1rUk39gXzYhl4XjPql1M0s Canada works backwards in terms of licensing its final year Canadian residents to work in the front line during the pandemic, specifically Ontario and Manitoba who give restricted license which require supervision.
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