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  1. May I ask what buildings are the gyms on campus? Thank you.
  2. If we don't have records of our hep b vaccinations and serology is showing as immune, on the immunization form it states that serology for hep b is not acceptable for immunity. Should we get the hep b vaccinations again? Thank you.
  3. Do you have any tips on how to do well during M1 for example? Is there a list of book recommendations? Any books that you loved? Found really helpful? Thank you!
  4. Voiding does count as 1 of the write allowances from my understanding however per the new rules/restrictions. Does anyone know what happens if you miss the cancellation deadline and not show up? Does that count as a write?
  5. Can you contact your program? Is there any possibility of getting your payment back, or making a late payment with interest charge, typically there's a time period with a late interest charge?
  6. SunAndMoon is a good person, some statements can be taken out of context and may be their opinion, similar to some people who honestly don't prep for mmi's, I over prepared this year and my ranking dropped dramatically, each person is different.
  7. Last year there was a date around June 15th for deposits to be refundable so there was some movement after that as well, I'm not sure if the deposit is refundable this year and what the deadline is, if it's not refundable there may be more movement later on for this year.
  8. It might be red and white panels, mimicking the flag
  9. I thought Laval was a long shot , congrats! I'll try to keep hope, everything is possible.
  10. If you are depending on OSAP as an fyi, OSAP checks with the Ministry of Transportation on the book value of your car, if you have a car under your name, you will receive a copy of the assessment request and value in the mail, the value of the car is considered an asset and reduces your OSAP loan. I have heard OSAP allows for used cars of low value for med students, but it may be best to call OSAP for specifics. It may also be worth calling your insurance company to see if you can properly insure a car not in your name at a different address. In the fall car companies will offer 0%/1%
  11. Doesn't seem that Ape offers MCAT Bootcamp any longer . Any suggestions for any CARS course? Any CARS tutors out there ? I took **DELETED**'s Course last summer, my score went down, so I wouldn't suggest that personally.
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