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    Looktoabove reacted to PurpleS in Medical School And Buying A First Car?   
    I thought OSAP no longer considers an vehicle as an asset? Source: https://news.ontario.ca/maesd/en/2015/09/modernizing-the-ontario-student-assistance-program.html
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    Looktoabove reacted to SunAndMoon in Post-Refusal   
    As someone who has had to apply multiple times to get in, I understand and feel the pain that all of you are feeling. There are tons of people at McGill who have gotten in on their 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or even 5th shots with similar number of interviews. Do not give up. 
    The ranks will give you a clearer picture about how your performance was evaluated. There is subjectivity in that, but it will provide clues as to what you need to do.
    I cannot stress enough the importance of your pre-req GPA. Retake courses if you need to, aim for the highest GPA possible. MMI scores can be relatively homogenous, if they aim for a bell curve that means that a large percentage of those admitted got in by very little, and by the same logic many of you were rejected by very little. The pre-req GPA is the easiest thing to control.
    As to the MMI, sit down and think carefully about what happened, about how you came across, about what you would like to have done better, but also what you did well. Before you do that, wait for the emotions to sink in and try to look at things coldly and analytically. Some stations lend themselves particularly well to this type of analysis, others are more subject to interpretation.
    Other than that, the process unfortunately involves luck. It's possible that with the same performance, you would've made it last year, or you'll make it next year. Keep that in mind and don't blame too much, but you have no choice to trust the process. 
    I've followed the posts a little bit, and I look forward to see a lot of you join the faculty in the upcoming years.
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    Looktoabove reacted to SunAndMoon in MedCoach   
    Yes! Practice with friends who are applying/in med and give each other feedback (with regards to content, structure, communication style).  There is no paid online resource that will give you any real advantage IMO.
    If you go to McGill, I heard CaPS actually organizes mock MMIs which I was told were fairly good. 
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    Looktoabove reacted to insomnias in McMaster Interview Invites/Regrets 2018   
    Having received the same email for the second time, I want to let you know not too take it too harshly. It's not in any way indicative of who you are. As for what's next...well, a) you're not out of the running yet, unless Mac's the only place you applied, and b ) the world is your oyster. If you, or anyone else who's reading this, are feeling down and want someone to talk to, feel free to PM me.
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    Looktoabove reacted to sasquatchfever in Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted??? (for current applicants)   
    Result: Wait-listed May 13 - accepted June 9 (timestamp 2:09 saskatoon time) - I will be accepting
    Geography: IP (Yukon)
    GPA: 86 (I think - I have two degrees and this was what I graduated my second degree with)
    MCAT: Are you ready?? 21!! It's embarrassing to post, but I thought I would post it because it is possible to get in without amazing stats.   I was surprised to have received an interview but my interview felt really good and I prepared extensively for it - I really can't believe I am posting this and am looking forward to meeting everyone in the fall!   Edited to correct time stamp
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    Looktoabove reacted to asd873 in Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted??? (for current applicants)   
    Result: Accepted (off waitlist) to SMP
    Timestamp: 2:05PM PST 
    IP: MSc completed in 2013 and have been working for a couple of years
    aGPA: 84%
    MCAT: 28 (9/9/10)
    Interview: I have been waitlisted four times with varying scores for interviews, so I'm not sure that your subjective interpretation of how you feel about your performance is accurate. But I tried to be as authentic as my nerves allowed each and every time. 
    I'm also a fifth time applicant. Good luck to the waitlisted folks! Know that being selected for an interview or waitlist is an impressive achievement. Keep pushing!
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    Looktoabove reacted to SunAndMoon in Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted??? (for current applicants)   
    Amazing! FWIW I took myself off the WL... Hopefully that helps someone
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    Looktoabove got a reaction from Vicodin in CASPer Requirement   
    SunAndMoon is a good person, some statements can be taken out of context and may be their opinion, similar to some people who honestly don't prep for mmi's, I over prepared this year and my ranking dropped dramatically, each person is different.
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    Looktoabove got a reaction from Haribo7173 in CASPer Requirement   
    SunAndMoon is a good person, some statements can be taken out of context and may be their opinion, similar to some people who honestly don't prep for mmi's, I over prepared this year and my ranking dropped dramatically, each person is different.
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    Looktoabove reacted to uofa2017 in Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted??? (for current applicants)   
    Hi everyone, 
    I have been reading these forums for a long time and happy to share that I was accepted off the waitlist a couple days ago! 
    IP, graduated from MSc in 2013
    GPA: 3.8
    MCAT: 509
    EC: research jobs, community volunteering, sports, travel - all long-term
    Interview: Felt great walking out but started second guessing my answers as time went on. This was my 4th interview and second at UofA so I knew the drill but you never know with the mmi. 
    I have been interviewing for the past three years both at UofA and UofC but couldn't seem to break through so I empathize with those of you that keep getting interviews but are not getting the result you want. The difference for me (other than just getting lucky) was finding something outside of applying to medicine that I actually enjoyed and could see myself doing as a career. I really think the interview is an exercise in seeing how confident you are and how well you can communicate and so putting yourself in similar situations whether that is through school, work or ECs will carry over to the interview. Happy to talk to anyone who may be feeling down about this process. I was in a similar position a little over a year ago when I had gotten rejected from two schools, wasn't enjoying my job and was seriously entertaining the international route. 
    Also, to those still on the waitlist - the wait is agonizing but I hope there is good news for all of you. I have heard that it moves well into July so good luck            
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    Looktoabove reacted to SunAndMoon in Several ways to access medical studies ?   
    Avec le bacc français qui est l'équivalent d'un DEC y a moyen de rentrer immédiatement en pré-med (médecine préparatoire) à McGill, UdeM, ULaval et USherbrooke. Le statut d'international rend les choses un peu plus compliquées pour toi, à McGill par exemple il y a beaucoup moins de places disponibles et c'est donc ultra-compétitif. Tu habites ici? Tu as la résidence permanente?
    Pour l'Ontario effectivement tu vas devoir faire un bac (B.Sc/B.A. ou autre) et tu appliqueras à ta dernière année. Par contre il te faudra également faire le MCAT, qui est un test standardisé qui évalue une panoplie de trucs, comme la bio, physique, chimie, psycho, socio et raisonnement critique. C'est assez difficile pour quelqu'un qui n'est pas parfaitement anglophone, surtout pour la section raisonnement critique qui a un niveau d'anglais assez avancé. 
    edit: je crois que l'appellation médecine préparatoire suite à l'entrée au contingent collegial ne s'appelle pas nécessairement med-p dans quelques universités francophones. Je sais pas trop, je ne m'y connais pas autant là-dessus, mais l'idée reste la même indépendamment du nom.
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    Looktoabove reacted to IMislove in 2017 Queen's Waitlist Poll   
    I know I am not on the wait list or anything, but I just wanted to say, I am proud of all of you. If this year wasn't your time, then maybe next year, or the next year. Myself, it took me awhile to overcome the negative feelings associated with this rejection I got after landing my first and only interview, after doing these applications for 4 years, and working so many months at interview practice. I've been here before and know how some of you may feel, witnessing friends and fellow forum pre-meds getting in while being left behind, and I get it. But know this, you are all intelligent, wonderful people. You got an interview, Queen's believes in you too. We will work together next year to get those interviews, and finally, land a spot in a coveted acceptance. Cheers to the 2021's, and here is to the future 2022's, '23's, etc :).
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    Looktoabove got a reaction from HalfBaked in 2017 Backpack?   
    It might be red and white panels, mimicking the flag
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    Looktoabove got a reaction from lulu95 in 2017 Backpack?   
    It might be red and white panels, mimicking the flag
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    Looktoabove reacted to bellejolie in Q&a With Mcgill Med Ambassadors   
    All the banks are offering subprime now - CIBC is only giving me $220K because of the fact that it's mcgill and tuition is cheap. Scotia is $200 and you can get them up to 275 if you ask - scotia def has the best credit cards in the game. Thinking about switching if CIBC can't offer me a better CC.
    Also i'm 27 and starting med school - the only thing i'm worried about is when i might have babies..but then realized i probably need to find a partner to have the babies with first LOL. so in any case, don't worry about the age stuff! Just make sure your partner is sUPER supportive cuz getting through med school will be tough.
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    Looktoabove reacted to rmorelan in What's On Your Mind?   
    73 straight hours of call and I haven't left the hospital in 3 full days. 
    about to walk out - one of those Shawshank style moments. 
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    Looktoabove got a reaction from WTG21 in 2017 Backpack?   
    It might be red and white panels, mimicking the flag
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    Looktoabove got a reaction from psycoforpsych in 2017 Backpack?   
    It might be red and white panels, mimicking the flag
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    Looktoabove got a reaction from Sauna in 2017 Backpack?   
    It might be red and white panels, mimicking the flag
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    Looktoabove reacted to LFOHarmonics in Someone Who Improved On Cars   
    Practive VR/CAR passages everyday. No need to do like a full length CARS section early in your studies, but start off with two. 

    In the beginning, unless you feel comfortable enough, go without timing yourself and focus on what you are reading. 

    One thing I found that helps is that right after each paragraph, do a quick half a second summary in your head of what you just read. Do not relate it, or try to formulate, the main theme. Just "This paragraph said XYZ". That helped me map out the passage for myself.

    At the end of the passage, then take a second to reflect on the over-arching theme, or message, or motif. 

    During questions, don't look back to the passage (or at least, try not to). Instead of looking for the "right" answer, look for the "wrong" answers and knock them out. CARS, I found, was much more of taking out the obviously wrong answers first, rather than just marking the right answer.

    When you review your questions during practice, do not go to the answers just yet. Go over the passage again, and look at your choices. Make sure you understand what YOUR reason was for both what you considered the wrong answer and what you considered the right answer. Then look at the actual answers and see where you reasoning lies.

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    Looktoabove reacted to jfdes in Anyone Else Feeling Lost?   
    5th cycle of applying. 5th cycle of rejections. It really doesn't get better each year. Not really sure what else I can say, although hopefully knowing others are there with you helps a bit.
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    Looktoabove reacted to BernieMac in -   
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    Looktoabove reacted to cookacola in Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted??? (for current applicants)   
    Result: ACCEPTED off waitlist today (May 24th) at 12:48pm to Hamilton Campus

    cGPA: 3.94

    CARS 127

    Interview: Came out thinking it was probably my strongest interview but I also think it is harder to tell how you did in an MMI interview compared to a panel

    Year: 4th

    Geography: IP

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    Looktoabove reacted to Sauna in 2017 Queen's Waitlist Poll   
    Just got the e-mail!! Timestamp: 1:11 PM
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    Looktoabove reacted to SunAndMoon in 2017 French Stream Waitlist Movement Poll   
    Soooo I've been checking this thread for a friend and have come to the conclusion that there is a 99.99% chance this guy is actually the Dean of Medicine @ Ottawa.
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