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  1. Don't worry about it, my handwriting is sometimes illegible even to myself, and it still turned out fine
  2. The interview is in MMI format, and therefore your transcript/CV is not viewed by the interviewer before/during the assessment process. Additionally, there is a section in the application process where you can explain personal circumstances that have affected you in a negative way during your schooling; whether you are comfortable making use of that section is up to you.
  3. Click on the "Budget Rooms in Shared Apartments". Gage towers has rooms available for around $50/night.
  4. And somewhere buried in a document, they say that those who do not currently have a UBC student number will be assigned one in the middle of June.
  5. Accepted VFMP timestamp: 2:12pm 4th year graduating with BSc Hon. IP Overall GPA 87.2% Prereq GPA 87.4% MCAT 12/12/12/S NAQ: 2 years of research, 2 publications, couple of campus clubs, various volunteering Super stoked!
  6. Regrets Time Stamp: 2:03pm PDT, from Leslie Taylor Year: 4 Status: OOP cGPA/wGPA: 3.83/3.91 MCAT: 36S (12/12/12) ECs - 16 months of research, 2 papers, 2 presentations, awards, quite a bit of volunteering Essays - Probably the weakest part of my application. Didn't spend very much time on them, had a hard time finding unique/interesting examples
  7. Not sure if this goes here, but oh well Accepted to MD/PhD program Non-swomen 2 yr GPA: 3.87 cGPA: 3.83 MCAT: 12/12/12/S 4th year undergrad Extracurriculars: 16 months Research (3 abstracts, 2 poster presentations, 2 non-first author reviews), volunteering in hospital clinics, campus clubs, etc.
  8. http://mdprogram.med.ubc.ca/admissions/admission-requirements/ Claiming AP, IB or A Level credit towards prerequisite requirements The following minimum grades must be achieved in order to claim AP, IB or A Level credit to satisfy the prerequisite requirement in the applicable subject areas. Please note that if the applicable first year courses were taken in first or second year only (not in subsequent years), the grades for these courses will be used instead of the AP/IB/A Level credit. English - 4
  9. That will vary from institution to institution. Generally speaking, each department only has a set number of NSERCs to distribute amongst the undergraduate applicants, and so competition can be high (and is often decided at least partially based on GPA). Other factors may include the PI's pull within the department, your previous experience in research, etc. etc. What the NSERC award is designed for is to fund undergraduate research. In principle, yes, it is the same as being paid to do research. What the NSERC does is provide incentive for professors to take on inexperienced undergra
  10. 1) It's literally as easy as going up to them and asking. Have a copy of your CV, ask them if they have space/interest in taking on an undergrad, then apply. Note that not all professors have NSERC funding, so do a little research either on the faculty websites or through the department offices. 2) You can hold an NSERC anywhere. If a professor chooses to take you on, you can work in their lab, and apply for the award appropriately.
  11. To add to the discussion, if you look at other released age statistics, there are a number of schools where a trend towards selection of younger applicants may be readily visible, despite statements to the contrary. McMaster for example has an extraordinarily low average entering age, which is likely not reflective of its applicant pool. Is it fair? Maybe, maybe not. Is it right? Maybe, maybe not. But it's there, for better or for worse.
  12. You will likely not qualify for the adjusted GPA calculation. You must have accumulated enough credits by the time the application is due (i.e. June) to have 90 credits remaining after your worst year is dropped. In your case, the only year that could be dropped would be the 12 credit non-degree year, and even then, I'm not completely sure it can be dropped. As a more general rule, you will need to have completed approximately 120 credits before the application is due in order to be eligible for the weighting. Edit: For more clarification, you must have completed a minimum of 90 credit
  13. That is correct. According to the site selection information session, both acceptances and waitlists are done based on your TFR score rank. eg. If you're ranked number 200, and you accept at SMP, the waitlist to get into IMP is based solely upon your rank score. If applicant #201, 202, and 203 only listed IMP as options, the next available seat at IMP will be offered to you, and your spot at SMP will be offered to the next applicant with SMP as an option.
  14. Yup. The interviewers in general were very friendly, and speaking to a few of some of the more senior medical students, they reckoned that the interviewer instructions may have changed recently.
  15. Result: Invite (8:18 am) cGPA: 3.83 wPGA: 3.87 MCAT: 12/12/12/S ECs: Hospital volunteering, assorted small events, 16 months of assorted full-time research Year: 4th OOP
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