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  1. I can help you connect with some of the residents here to help answer your question if you want to pm me your contact information. - G
  2. The problem is that the MCC has shown in their official communication statement that they have zero intention of cancelling the exam and also insulted residents across the country, stating that the desire to cancel the exam is misinformed or misunderstood (I forgot the specific wording). I'm beginning to think unless there's a massive boycott of the exam across the country that this exam will never be eliminated. That said, I doubt many residents would take that risk and would rather just buckle down and finish asap. - G
  3. I think you have to take a lot of these comments with a grain of salt... I definitely value having a more challenging residency... but there are days where I question why I am even there and what utility will I get from the education provided off-service (particularly on busy call days). This is especially true given that I will only likely practice FM either part-time while working full-time in a public health capacity, or practice in a specialized discipline within public health. Residency I'm sure is difficult for everyone in their 1st year because there's tons of off-service rot
  4. People have to realize that the system works for a majority of people... not everyone. Some people won't match into their specialty, some won't match to the desired location... Honestly at the end of the day the match is a competition. You aren't guaranteed whatever you want. - G
  5. It can be more useful if you're planning on doing things outside of medicine - G
  6. Pretty sure it's not great to have this "take it or leave it" attitude in many fields of medicine. Can you imagine if I had that attitude talking to stakeholders or the government? "Can be more introverted" .... I've never met so many extroverted and intense people since entering medicine school in my entire life. - G
  7. Being a professional rice cooker that even rice cookers would be jealous of /s I think Bambi meant "practice" - G
  8. But what he/she is also saying is they have no interest in the subject matter studied... honestly that's even more troublesome. I also don't really agree with the point... I mean yeah there's definitely more things that are cookie cutter but there's also going to be a fair amount of broad topics that you have no experience with but still have to manage in the community unless you never plan to follow them up and have the specialist do everything. Especially in FM I figure you wouldn't like everything but usually something is interesting enough for you to latch on to... my que
  9. Do you mean specifically that you are a resident in a primary care discipline and is planning on either: 1)transferring (which is a whole different issue), 2)re-entering CaRMS, or 3) finishing CCFP and planning on going into a different more competitive program? Some clarification can be helpful. Honestly, if you don't want to be chief... I'd ask yourself if you think you can seriously do a good job despite a lack of interest. If you waver, please for the love of god don't be chief since your other co-residents will be hindered as well. Chiefs aren't only involved in the admin related as
  10. I'm sorry for my mistake... it's not even overnight for my call shift =( I will remove my previous post - G
  11. This is key... especially in a field where I am working with large groups of people or organizations... there are so many different interests competing in the way that it is simply impossible to please everyone. That is the true reality we live in. 1) I think like everything else, sometimes we need to take a step back and really assess the impacts from different groups of people and try to think of the real population implications. Medical schools try to do their best in general with what's given to do what they can to ensure as fair of an entry process even in the face of those gaming t
  12. A good entry is whatever you have.... Realistically speaking are you going to just find another job just because you didn't have enough to fill a list for your activities section? I mean kudos if you do want to do that but that's less relevant that someone that worked over 2k hours in one job and progressively developed skills and leadership abilities. - G
  13. Back in the day I filled all except 1 but I only chose significant things and nothing less than 100 hours as I don't believe in fillers. - G
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