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  1. Why did someone that's not from this forum and has no real history of contributing to premed101 come to this site to criticize the one individual that probably contributed to this site the most ... talk about getting triggered. Honestly though with residency, fellowships, and the fact that a significant portion of doctors get additional graduate degrees (Masters, PhD, etc)... I'd argue that's more than just doing a PhD. I have some additional thoughts on the practical implications as well as additional challenges with how narrow academia can become but I'll save that rhetoric for a
  2. I usually lurk nowadays but I remember when I went through this process well... As someone that's been rejected once before and got in after a master's degree and some introspection I really think it can be easy to feel discouraged but also a worthwhile learning opportunity. That said it's still important to live out your life and have contingencies. Don't stop living because you're constantly chasing that acceptance. Many applicants apply multiple times before getting into medical school. Similarly many people have other careers prior to medical school. If anyone needs
  3. A really good program and I remember it well when it first began. I only wish I could have helped more back when I was a medical student. Highly endorse this program. - G
  4. Ireland > Israel Affiliations mean nothing Better to rewrite MCAT - G
  5. NOSM is more forgiving in the sense that there's many non-traditional students. Are you near Sudbury or Thunder Bay? - G
  6. I should have clarified when I said reaching out I mean wellness based programs and those independent of your main residency program
  7. I think you need to reach out to your program (assuming you're in a residency program) for advice on any limitations in your practice or advancing to the next year of residency. As far as I know no one that failed LMCC1 hasn't redone the exam before becoming R2. I would instead focus on the rewrite if I were you and look for any help you can get from people you trust (that won't tell anyone and won't judge you) for study tips and practice. You'll also want to plan accordingly so you can squeeze in your LMCC2 in a timely manner. - G
  8. If you applied the same logic to people studying different degrees in undergrad... would you have regretted going into a "harder" (I mean what does that mean anyway) undergrad program vs someone that coasted off easy GPA boosting course? Are you an adult learner or a grade watcher? Answers to those questions should tell you what to pursue. Last thing to add please don't do a preprofessional degree if you don't see yourself actually working in that field... nothing is as insufferable as having that one classmate that's a med gunner letting everyone know while acting superior a
  9. I can help you connect with some of the residents here to help answer your question if you want to pm me your contact information. - G
  10. The problem is that the MCC has shown in their official communication statement that they have zero intention of cancelling the exam and also insulted residents across the country, stating that the desire to cancel the exam is misinformed or misunderstood (I forgot the specific wording). I'm beginning to think unless there's a massive boycott of the exam across the country that this exam will never be eliminated. That said, I doubt many residents would take that risk and would rather just buckle down and finish asap. - G
  11. I think you have to take a lot of these comments with a grain of salt... I definitely value having a more challenging residency... but there are days where I question why I am even there and what utility will I get from the education provided off-service (particularly on busy call days). This is especially true given that I will only likely practice FM either part-time while working full-time in a public health capacity, or practice in a specialized discipline within public health. Residency I'm sure is difficult for everyone in their 1st year because there's tons of off-service rot
  12. People have to realize that the system works for a majority of people... not everyone. Some people won't match into their specialty, some won't match to the desired location... Honestly at the end of the day the match is a competition. You aren't guaranteed whatever you want. - G
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