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  1. No way anyone reads all of Harrison's cover to cover unless they really like IM I just skimmed large book's sections based on cases I was exposed to or based on study objectives. - G
  2. They just skip them. That said if it's an important activity... better hope it's not skipped. - G
  3. Agree with Examkrackers and prep101 as good resources - G
  4. Harrison's for IM Step up to internal medicine (more relevant for US but I like how it's written) Approach to internal medicine by Hui et al I read all of the core rotation case file series (ex. case files general surg, fm, etc) Surgical recall Since I came from UofA they had this book called the Edmonton Manual that was useful for rapid OSCE reviews I know the UofT group/students wrote a book called essentials of the clinical examination that is also good I have the clinical guidelines for family medicine that I also used during residency There are
  5. To the NOSM hopefuls, I just wanted to wish everyone well that reads these forums. I've been working to review applications and it is very moving to read about your experiences. I just want to say that regardless of the outcome decision that you continue to work hard to advocate for improved societal health. Take care, - G
  6. What are the paragraphs? I haven't seen those when I applied. I recommend you add some additional information so others can answer your question better. /17 is what your ECs would be graded based on reviewers. - G
  7. I have to be more honest and say while you have a diverse background, you are also competing against others that come from diverse backgrounds as well. NOSM tends to attract more of those from a non-traditional background. The truth is your GPA is still holding you back a lot. I'd consider even doing more course work to try and improve on the GPA because that will always be your hurdle. - G
  8. yes you can but it's on a case by case basis don't blindside your PI unless you plan to burn all bridges finish your program - G
  9. Grades are higher since the curve is towards B+/A- in higher level grad courses but the weighing relative to undergrad isn't the same For example UofC only counts grad school as one year's worth of GPA... even if you got 4.0 it wouldn't move the GPA so much. What's the program? Do you think you'd go into a career regarding the program. - G
  10. so let me get this straight... they are understaffed, but they think they can ensure worker satisfaction and loyalty by not being accommodating for one day? look I know it's always better to try and negotiate and come to a mutual understanding and agreement... but this workplace isn't looking out for your interests at all if you aren't going to advocate for yourself who else will? - G
  11. I think that goes the other way too... I do think that just having grades is not the best but that's my opinion as a non-trad applicant in the past. I don't think there will ever truly be a fair system but if there's at least a way to not look down on the guy working 2 jobs to keep afloat vs the guy travelling to Zimbabwe for a mission then that evens the field somewhat. - G
  12. I changed my name legally... once I registered for CPSO and my legal name went into the registry it became too confusing for others to look me up and I wanted to avoid the confusion. The other reality is people just prefer a more anglicized name so I switched my legal name to middle name instead. - G
  13. Talk about making generalizations... Anyways it's clear we won't see eye to eye but the fact remains that it's completely fair for this student to look for another option and doing so isn't the OP being entitled. Good day, - G
  14. I'm really surprised by the large number of unmatched positions at UofA... I don't recall this being so prominent in years past. Two years in a row there's one spot for PHPM+FM as well. UofA really is a good site and even with the lower number of applicants there aren't many PHPM+FM specific spots. - G
  15. I cannot fervently disagree more with this point. There's a difference between having zero choice to work with someone or a group of people vs taking a chance to ask if you could work with someone else or having a preference. Yes if this student had already been assigned this preceptor, and just before they start working with them they had a poor experience... unfortunately they'll have to bite the bullet (unless the experience is something heinous like physical abuse). That said there's absolutely nothing wrong with wanting a preference for preceptors and that doesn't mean the student l
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