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  1. Most of the hospitalist work in the US is done by internists not family docs. Not sure about Canada.
  2. In the US, Hematology & Oncology is one residency. I think they are separate in Canada.
  3. Yeah me too. I couldn't even secure audition rotations, so no CARMS for me... I am not so sure that this. DO and MD residencies are going to be merging in the next couple years. I agree with this statement. But, the match rate is over 95%. 70% is the for the people who actually matched into MD residencies. Most of the remaining 30% got withdrawn from the MD match because they probably matched into DO residencies and DO match happens before MD match.
  4. No, you shouldn't be worried. Enjoy your acceptance and stop worrying about uncertainties. Being accepted into a US school is a great accomplishment. In the hospital, nobody cares if you are a DO or MD. You are "the doctor." I am biased because I am a DO student. You will have no problem entering those fields. You can write the USMLE to enter the MD residencies. I know most family med programs will accept COMLEX. If you want to stay close to Canada, do your residency in Michigan. Michigan, Ohio, PA have tons of DOs.
  5. The US route is not as easy as it sounds: (1) You need to do elective rotations. Most people start applying for electives in competitive specialties in Dec/Jan. I think it's even harder to get an elective once you have graduated from medical school. You may be able to get "an observership," which is glorified shadowing. How will you shine if you are just following someone around? (2) Residency selection is highly based on Step 1 score. Do you still remember the picky useless details from the basic sciences? Can you get a great score? It's not as easy it sounds. People spend months st
  6. ER doctors and hospitalists have to do some night shifts. Specialists can get called in at night for emergent situations.
  7. So, where did yall match and what specialty? Are you happy? How competitive was it this year? Any advice for the match?
  8. Nothing is guaranteed. If you pass everything, you are almost guaranteed a family med residency in the US.
  9. Look into other DO schools. DMU doesn't accept Canadians any more, but they only charge ~$40k/year.
  10. I would also take into consideration how the 3rd and 4th year rotations are structured in each school and where you get to rotate. If you like primary care, then DO school is fine. But in the long term, $80k difference + interest is not really significant.
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