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  1. Comparing class averages doesn't tell you anything about difficulty of the program. Universities are businesses! I can't stress this enough, all they care about is money and their reputation. Look at UofT for example, they'll recruit thousands of undergrads first year (making MILLIONS of dollars!) and make difficult tests and blow away 90% of them who shouldn't have been there in the first place. York University does the something in a different manner, they recruit students into their "Biomed program" and then kill off students after 3rd year, that way they can spread to their friends that Yo
  2. It was on the low side of what I was scoring on practice tests but it was expected... At least it was not anything close to 1..
  3. I just heard Carleton university is pairing up with a Caribbean medical school. Do you think it's a good idea to attend this med school? Source: https://www.umhs-sk.org/blog/a-new-medical-school-option-for-canadian-students/Caribbean-Medical-Schools
  4. http://news.nationalpost.com/2013/10/10/doctor-shortages-a-myth-nearly-one-in-six-new-medical-specialists-cant-find-work-report-suggests/ What do you think?
  5. Yea ill rescore in that case. I'm in a state of shock atm because now this looks terrible on my record. I scored 9 on ps and 11 on biol, and phys is usually my strongest... So itS not like its a memory problem or else I would have messed up the other 2 sections too. I think the strategy I chose was just outright dumb, I was even relaxed half way through... I would have been happy even if I got a 6 at this point , I mean anything is better than a 1.
  6. Nothing really happened, I completely changed my strategy the days leading the test. Before I was trying to rush to do all 7 passages and would get 7-10 (I got 10 on aamc 7 somehow). After I got 10 on AAMC 7 I thought I should try using TPR method and take my time and guess on a 5 question passage. I ended up doing the first 3 passages in 30minutes and did the next 3 in 28 minutes with 2minutes to quickly do the last passage (was luckly 5 questions)....The passages were not as difficult as I expected which is why I think other people probably scored much higher. Reflecting back I realised how
  7. UPDATE: I just got a message back from AAMC. There was an error in my score and they fixed my score
  8. I'm not surprised. My friend there says UofT students make up like 30+% of the UofT Med class if not more...
  9. "However, if i don't try to apply as 3rd, this means that i will have to do a 4th year for sure ( = more money) which i could maybe save if i do get in after 3rd year even if it does not happen that often. " My advise is be prepared to do a 4th year no matter what. Unless you got close to a perfect GPA, killer MCAT scores, and AMAZING EC's that people will drool over... don't expect to get in during 3rd year. Nearly all 3rd year students apply as a trial round which is perfectly normal. And most people do endup rewriting the MCAT.... my advice would be to write the exam when you are p
  10. How do you sign up for Casper? I send in my application yesturday but I dont know how to sign up. o.O
  11. If I was part of a club in high school and we won an award as a club for being the reducing our schools electricity & water consumption ...can I mention this on my sketch? And if so..which category would it go under? awards? Thank-you.
  12. In most threads I've read and personally my MCAT had emphasized physics. So yea it is an element of luck. But to the TS, Just to be clear you will be going with 10% Biology, 100% Chemistry, 50% Physics, and 0% organic Chemistry. So pretty much scratch for Biology as it's primarily composed of 2nd year Biology..
  13. I would say 90%+ of MCAT Biology is Human Physiology, Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Organic Chemistry. Ask anyone who has taken the MCAT and they will agree with this statement. Also, beware the current MCAT focuses on physics heavily. So I would strongly recommend against it.
  14. I managed to do both in barely 250 words. One was about research and another was babysitting. I really don't want to remove the research one and emphasize on the research but I may have too..
  15. For UofT's essay question #1 (A scholar demonstrates reflective learning. How have you demonstrated reflective learning within an academic or leadership activity?) Is it better to write both an academic and leadership activity example? Or just focus on one? Thank-you.
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