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  1. How many interview offers did you receive?
  2. Hey IMislove, nice to see familiar users here. Hope you're doing well in your program. IM is fun.
  3. I'd take the offer. You're given a guarantee... Go have fun with that extra year before medicine sucks your youth.
  4. I should probably update the MMI guide as my perspective on the matter has changed over the years - especially now that I'm on the other side of the fence. Hopefully I can work on this once I have some time off.
  5. Looking to swap Mac IM. Have 20th, want 27th Cal IM. Have 22nd, want 15th
  6. That is something that I have thought about as well. There's a generous gap from the time when everyone submit their ranks (schools and applicants) and finding out the match results. It should, technically speaking, be a very quick process... I should have asked when the CaRMS rep came by our school.
  7. I personally believe that your undergraduate background is a strength. You'll stand out.
  8. To everyone: If you have not heard back, just contact the coordinator (call them). You have nothing to lose.
  9. I waited 1 business day. I was missed in an email chain. Called coordinator, but was on vacation.. so I called program director's office.
  10. Hey muffins, Can I make the assumption that this is UofT Neurology?
  11. Anatomical Pathology: Memorial, McMaster, Ottawa, Alberta, Calgary, Toronto, Western, Queen's, McGill, Montréal Anesthesiology: NOSM, Ottawa, Sherbrooke, Western, Dalhousie, Queen's, Memorial, UBC, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, McMaster, McGill Cardiac Surgery: Montréal, UBC Dermatology: Edmonton, Calgary, McMaster, Toronto Diagnostic Radiology: Saskatchewan, Dalhousie, MUN, McGill, Queen's, Calgary, Manitoba, Western, McMaster, U of O, Edmonton, Toronto, Laval Emergency Medicine: Queen's, Calgary, Laval, Dalhousie Family Medicine: Laval, Sherbrooke, Montreal, Western, McGill (Montréal, Châtea
  12. Hmm, I am not sure if that's appropriate. The whole CaRMS waiting game is anxiety provoking; no need to add insult to injury. Many programs send out invites in batches. Here's why: Some programs are dividing applications into batches for assigned staff/residents to complete. They all receive a pre-interview score. If one batch is done, they will send out the invites. If any red-flags, they might not send one out. Some specialty programs send out invites to all CMGs. It's just a matter of having a pre-interview score calculated within your batch.
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