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  1. All the PIC locations are likely closed. If you are expecting to get into the DDS program I would apply online today as you are expected to have done that in advance! The U of A does have strict timelines of roughly 2 weeks for getting the PIC and immunization report into them. They do this to back fill the class with the wait list. They may relax those timelines but I would still apply for the PIC today.
  2. Insurance companies pay what they feel like which most often is LESS than the fee guide. The scary part is: " Hoffman hinted she could use her power under the Health Professions Act to impose new regulations on dentists. " Dentists I talked to are worried about what those regulations entail. They could make it law that a dentist could only charge so much for a certain procedure. Why don't they decrease pensions and salaries for politicians first! Why pick on dentists.
  3. This could be a sign of things to come in other provinces. Dentists, that are relatives of mine, have been warning me for months now that the Alberta Health minister would like cuts to the fees dentists charge patients of up to 25% in many areas. She may force legislation if needed to get her way. I'm surprised nobody is talking about this. This would drastically affect our earning potential. http://edmontonjournal.com/storyline/first-alberta-dental-fee-guide-in-20-years-to-put-downward-pressure-on-costs While its true Alberta dentists charge the highest, we also have the highest ove
  4. Not sure. I think its harder to get into the American programs as a Canadian. ( only accepted 4 for 227 positions) I will apply to both this August. I hope to get into an American program as its quicker and there are some great programs in the US.
  5. Get over 75 on the CBSE. Finish in the top 5-10% of your class. Do 4 to 5 externships in third year. Volunteer. Show that you are well rounded- play sports... Make sure the residents like you. Then you have a good chance to get in. Last year 4 Canadians were accepted.
  6. Not much difference. I honestly thought the one getting the 34 would get a 15-20 max and the other a 40 min.
  7. I helped a few people prep. One only did one night of prepping( the Friday before the interview) and sounded terrible IMHO and he got a 34. Another was near perfect, prepared for 6 months and got a 28. It's either the marking in the different stations was very different or they messed up with the scores. I'm totally surprised.
  8. Its very easy to get a US externship. I'm doing 5 this year. Want to do these in third year as many schools won't accept second years. However getting in as an OMFS resident is another story. There were only 8 positions accepted for 2017 for non US students WORLD wide, as posted on the website!... So I'm guessing about 4 Canadians will get in this year to a US school. You need to ace the CBSE exam ( top 5% ) and be in the top 5% class standing at your Canadian Dental University. Americans only need to be in the top 33% to get in. They are held to a MUCH lower standard. Also the CBSE exam is
  9. anatomy and physiology will help more than all other courses by a country mile.
  10. The US looks at your class standing ( position in your class relative to all other students) first and score on the NBME exam second( very difficult exam as you are tested on all the med school material) to determine who gets interviews. So one course over three years is not that significant but you want to finish in the top 5% of your class over the first three years to be competitive. For me the big work load was studying for the NBME exam while taking classes. You need to start working on that in second year. You will be disadvantaged as U of T DDS students don't take med classes l
  11. Hi Contach, I wanted to thank you for all your posts. I spent many hours finding out the information you posted here in this thread. I'm a third year DDS student wondering what the other more intense externships other than LSU-NO, Parkland (Texas), Gainesville (Florida) that you could list. I'm in the process of applying for a few more now. Also would you write the NBME again if you aced it already( top 1%) ? I know I could do better, but it would take alot of time next summer. Or should I spend more time on externships? I'm looking to do alteast four this year. Also- the ADA will re
  12. Easily! I assume you are joking! Have you looked at stats for what dentist make in Canada? ( $130k) How many newer dentists have you talked to that make that much? Most new dentists ( graduated in the last 10 years ) are having a VERY hard time making half those numbers in the large metro areas. We have 10 relatives that are dentists and they tell me its getting harder every year. Thirty years ago it they were booking 1 to 2 years in advance. Now a patient can get in within a week or even a day! If you want to make that kind of money take computer engineering or medicine.. not general
  13. Just need to finish in the top 5 to 10 % of your DDS class to get in( Canadian route) and then add 4 to 6 more years of more University to specialize and your set. For the USA route need to ace the oral surgery entrance exam. ( Much much harder than anything you will do in your 4 years as a DDS student)
  14. You had a great GPA and DAT score. Such a shame. I heard in the past the interview cutoff was around 26....however you never know what they will choose for this year. I assume you practiced for the interview. But the marking is very subjective. I found practicing with other students worked for me.
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