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  1. FYI, Last year I got my email on Friday, Feb14, 2014.
  2. It takes very little effort to earn a 3.7 GPA with the grade inflation present at ALL universities nowadays. To earn A's you need to study a few hours for each exam. To get A+'s you really have to work for it.
  3. The DAT scores look very low compared to other schools... So it looks like they mostly look at marks.
  4. Congrats to all those that got in and for those on waiting list you still have a good chance of getting in. See you in Late Aug!
  5. Roughly how many students are sent invites each round? Thanks
  6. 2nd year IP Chem major 3.95 GPA 75/90 DAT 41/49 Interview Tons of volunteering and hundreds of hours shadowing.
  7. Thanks. The U of A automatically does that for U of A undergrad students.
  8. My early admission came in the mail today. A few days earlier than expected.
  9. -------------------------------------- If what you are saying is true then it really matters how many A+ 's you get because they boost your average big time! From a quick google search I found: 90-100 A+ 86-89 A 82-85 A- 78-81 B+ 74-77 B 70 - 73 B- 66-69 C+ 62-65 C 58-61 C- 54 -57 D+ 50-53 D ----------------------- So does the U of A use the midpoint to determine percentage for each grade? ie: A+ = (90+100)/2= 95 or do they use the high value = 100 ..... or low valve = 90??? Looks like OMSAS uses the high value. Thanks f
  10. ------------------------------------------ You are assuming the U of A calculates scores by this method- Making GPA differences of 3.8 to 4.0 almost worthless relative to DAT and interview scores. I read that many dental schools use a standard deviation to calculate scores for GPA. The U of A does not divulge how they actually come up with a ranking for who gets in.
  11. From what I have read- By taking a reduced load you are basically limiting yourself to the U of A as other Universities heavily penalize your marks for taking a reduced load. Its a tough call.
  12. No, You get the score back about 8 weeks later with an email link to a webpage. "pickup exams" means them gathering all the exams and exam materials. Good luck on the DAT!
  13. This is roughly how it went when I wrote: DAT Format 2013 Nov 7:45- told to arrive (waited 1 hour for them to get organized and give instructions) ( From all my friends that wrote over the years- they are ALWAYS 45 to 60 min late starting) 8:45 - Carving test (30min) 9:15 15-20 min break 9:30 Sciences ( Chem 30 q and Bio 40Q) ( 60min) 10:30 20 min break 11:00 PAT - 90 Q ( 60 min) 12:00 25 min break 12:30 Reading Comprehension 50Q (50 min) 1:20 Done Pick up exams and I left at 1:30
  14. I assume you saw this page: http://www.dentistry.ualberta.ca/en/ProgramsAdmissions/Dentistry/DDSOverview/AdmissionStatisticsDDS.aspx In 2012 - 0 OOP accepted and in 2013 - 2 OOP accepted. So very low nos for OOP! Your GPA is great but your DAT is on the low side. If you ace the interview you might have a chance?? Just guessing...
  15. My friend called the office Friday afternoon and that's what they told him. Maybe they got all the invitations out Friday . You would need to check with them on Tuesday morning.
  16. Was told they were running behind. Tuesday because its a long weekend in Alberta.
  17. I was told they would be sending them out late today and Tuesday. Mine came thru at 3:45
  18. Your DAT scores are good. GPA is on the low end. You will get an interview and need to do well on the interview to have a chance of getting in. Problem is -- the requirements are getting higher each year. So try to boost the GPA this year would me my advice.
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