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  1. That's a good question. I have yet to see a PA on my rotations take blood or start IVs, it is usually the Nurses, or the nursing students supervised by the Nurse. The PA or doc writes the order to do so. I don't think it is part of the daily life of a PA, although I could be wrong. I'm still a student-I only speak from what I've seen during rotations and my experience in the clinical setting. We have one skills lab during first year learning to start IVs, but besides that the rest of our skill labs focus on foleys, central lines, lumbar punctures, ABGs, chest tubes, intubation, sutur
  2. I attend UofM, and it does not require health care experience. It is based more on life experience, personality/demenour, volunteerism, and of course marks. I also agree with Ryan, going to PA school means that you are dedicated to becoming a PA, much like going to medical school means you are dedicated to becoming an MD. Faculty will screen for this if you get an interview. They don't want someone who is only in it to become a PA because they don't want to take the time to go the MD route, or couldn't. Being a PA is a profession itself, and PA and PA students need to be content with the
  3. Hey Smjo21, I'm a second year PA student and I'm not going to tell you what's better. What I will tell you is that if you truely want to know what each does or is like, find someone that is in that position and ask them specifically about their career. Don't get information from third parties that aren't in the profession and know nothing of it. Getting options from Physicians are fine, as long as they themselves have actually worked with a PA or NP, to have a valid viewpoint. Good luck
  4. Hi there, As a second yr PA student, first of all Nurses and PAs have VERY different roles and are not the same in the least. PAs-as you know-are physician extenders and thus extend the services of their physician and mirror their scope of practise and work as a team together. This can include doing history and physicals, writing orders, ordering labs/investigations, doing procedures, diagnosis and prescribing meds. To answer your question regarding pt contact hours, I know Manitoba does not require this any longer. It is more based off of your application, grades, personality, inte
  5. I have yet to be confused with a medical assistant. I am always confused and mislabeled as a doctor-and no matter how many times I tell them I still get called doctor by them haha. When I ask if they know what a PA is, some do. Those that don't are more just like "hmmm know I'm not to sure"
  6. With that attitude, you're going to make a poor team player. Very ignorant response. Let's leave this thread not to debate PAs, but for PAStudent, as kind as he is for doing so, to answer questions for those that are interested.
  7. Hey there, I'm a PA student at UofM right now. Just finishing up first year come Friday. pahopeful is right regarding applicants and spots. However, I do know people who have gotten into the program with below a 4.0 (above the min 3.0 obv). So don't let GPA scare you away! What matters to admissions boards is a mix of marks, extracirriculars and the TYPE of person you are-you're personality. After all, it's medicine and you're in a people business-beside manner matters and personality will take you a long way not only in your practise, but during your rotations as well!
  8. Currently a first year PA-S at UofM with 9 days left of first year (holyyy smokes!!). Royal Bank is good on funding. You may get someone on the line that has no idea what they're talking about with PA school, just explain and reassure them that there is a professional credit line available for students and to keep looking for it. There has been talk that CIBC is int he process of adding PAs to their Professional LOC as well. I had no problem with government student loans and even had a good portion of it awarded as a bursary. Since it is Medicine and the cost is high..obtaining fund
  9. That's true. I'm a student at the UofM-most of my rotations will be in Winnipeg. Thanks for the link!
  10. Great Idea! Finishing up my first year of PA School and just wondering what I may expect during my ER rotation in the upcoming year in terms of responsibility and experiences we will partake in!
  11. This may help some: http://umanitoba.ca/faculties/medicine/media/A_COMPARISON_OF_PA__NP_May_2012_(2).pdf
  12. Hi all, If my upcoming year I am doing strictly rotations, on the NB student loan application where it asks if you are doing practicum, do I say that I am? Is clerkship the same thing as practicum? Thanks for the help! Cheers, Ryan
  13. I'm currently in the UofM PA program. If anyone has any questions your more than welcome to shoot me off a PM rather than me explaining things out here-which may or may not be what you want to know
  14. As a PA student-please, don't quote or generalise to all midlevels. This is more of a NP issue than a PA issue. I'm also sure not all NPs share the view of wanting to be called Dr. either.
  15. Isn't this why there are NPs and PAs, though-rather then extending and RNs scope? Wouldn't it make more sense for an RN who wants to do more to become an NP, PA or MD instead?
  16. You say apply to medicine-but being in PA school is learning medicine... I think if you want to apply to medical school, then apply to medical school. If you want to apply to PA school, then apply to PA school. Remember, it's almost as tough-if not as hard now-to get into PA school as it is medical school. And it's only going to get harder with more bight applicants each year as the profession becomes more well known. Not sure about other schools, but at my school, med school interviews consist of an MMI. PA school consists of an essay on the spot, MMI and panel interview that is a day
  17. Wow...first I don't know why I said McMaster. I meant to say I'm in the Manitoba program...sorry! And, I've heard this from teachers. Good luck!
  18. Hmmm I only know this as I'm in the program at McMaster. We've been told that Ontario PAs start out in the $65-75 000 range. A newly graduated Ont PA would have to verify though. Of course, some may start higher, just as they might here, too. The higher salary, from what I've been told and understand, has to do a lot with politics. As in the Ont government can pay their PA grads a little less, as they have a Bachelors, thus save more money overall. How much truth there is to this though I'm not too sure. I think this is a mixture between provincial demand and political bureaucracy. A
  19. From what I've learnt, a Masters degree allows you to start off with an initial higher salary. For example, the minimum starting salary for a Manitoba PA graduate is $85 000, regardless of speciality, although you know the same stuff. Of course this may be higher (although not too likely).
  20. I'll only comment on PAs (as I am a PA Student), but I don't think you'll find any who are not satisfied with their profession, or AT ALL calling ourselves "equal" or "better" than Physicians. If you go back in this thread, the one who started this thread I don't believe is a PA or PA student-and clearly doesn't know about PAs or the profession. Actually talk to any PA or PA student...they do not want to become MDs, nor call themselves MDs...or wish to become independent. It was more of a trolling statement than anything else to get people riled up and cause the exact misconceptions and pre
  21. No no, sorry! I'm in my first year in the program!
  22. I'm not privy to the interview process (ie who the applicants are/when letters are sent out)-but good luck everyone! Looking forward to meeting you all on interview day!!
  23. I'm in the PA program at UofM. I know that since the PA program is in both the Faculties of Medicine and Graduate school that med school and grad school look at your application and assess you. But it doesn't matter if you've applied to just med school (Faculty of Medicine) or PA school (Faculty of Medicine and Grad School), neither look to see what you've applied for. What I'm trying to say is...if you applied for med school and PA school, even though both are located in the Faculty of Medicine, neither people doing the choosing know that you have applied for the other! haha
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