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  1. For schools that have resume clerkship, just curious to hear what it's like? Less acute patients? Hybrid of online moduels and clinic? Any telemedicine?
  2. Sorry it's already been given to someone else! Right now it's available from Sept 1st onwards!
  3. @Mathtomed, your story brought tears to my eyes and I can only wish adcoms had some way to account for life experiences like yours. I truly wish you the best with your future endeavours; you deserve to have good things happening in your life.
  4. I certainly think this is a step towards the right direction, many low SES individuals can't afford the costs of applying to medicine (an application + travel for interview is generally at least ~$800), so if they know that they don't stand much of a chance, they generally won't apply. Having this stream gives those who dream of pursuing medicine a fighting chance. Well done Manitoba, I certainly hope other Canadian schools will take this idea into consideration.
  5. Me too, I still think about it now and I cringe everytime I think about my answers like "Ugh why did I say THAT....or why didn't I mention THAT!?!!?"
  6. Good luck everyone, I'm praying for all of you to receiving delightful news.
  7. It's the 15th...I'm trying to think of strategies of how I'm going to pry myself from refreshing my email that day....
  8. I agree, and I think that's what threw me off for the first few stations. I had to keep reminding myself to relax, smile, stay calm, be yourself, don't sound robotic, forget about any of the practice you did, etc...oh well, it was a good learning experience and hopefully I'll be more prepared for next year if I don't get in.
  9. Maybe it's because the stations deviated from what people were practicing? Thinking back, I really did think that UBC tried its best to learn as much as they could about our personality and our thoughts/perspectives of society from us, so that perhaps they could accept students they feel would best fit their program? Just my guess...
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