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  1. Why would you start a masters if you wanted to apply this cycle? It is a commitment you should have been aware of before you signed up... You can't defer an acceptance for this. You either apply next cycle or quit now before you the piss everyone off by quitting in the middle.
  2. You're someone who could benefit greatly from a research based masters. It would give you the opportunity to pad your resume with publications /awards /involvement and make connections with profs for multiple lors. Downside is it is very hard work and you lose one application cycle. It will also give you experience that help you in med school and beyond when securing research positions/residency.
  3. They likely already have a candidate in mind, probably a transfer from another program.
  4. Wow - it's true. From 7 unfilled last year to 0. What happened?
  5. The unfilled derm spot is the IMG one Ottawa usually leaves open for transfers.
  6. Any idea if the time in Timmins and call results in additional compensation above the Ontario minimum salary?
  7. 3.6 is a good frame to build on? For what school in Canada? The best that 3.6 is good for is getting it thrown out at the schools that ignore certain years. But yes OP, try harder in the coming years and see if you can average a 3.9 or so, life will be a lot better if you can get into med school in Canada. Ireland should be a last resort.
  8. You would be an absolute fool to try to defer. That's a year of physician's salary you'll never get back. For undergrad school politics? Just fucking lol
  9. It's dreadful. You have to be a special breed of masochist to even consider it in my opinion. You'll find out real quick if that's you on your IM rotation in MS3.
  10. There's hope though, I unexpectedly got my interview off the waitlist, as did someone else I know.
  11. >Not much subjectivity >Casper Choose one
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