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  1. I am currently doing a 2 week elective in California right now and I did not need any Visa. I came prepared with all my acceptance paperwork, my proof of enrollment etc, but no one looked at it and I was waved through no problem. Edit: this is for a medical school elective as an M4
  2. school interviewing at: UBC specialty: Family medicine current interview date: Jan 12th morning - time slot 11:40 am date would like to switch to: Any earlier time slot that morning any additional notes: Unfortunately, I have the last time slot that morning and I'd be tight for me to make my afternoon flight. UBC said I could switch if I find another student by Wednesday, Jan 9. Worth a shot!
  3. Anatomical Pathology: Queens (Dec 3), Calgary (Dec 3), Alberta (Dec 3) Anesthesiology: Cardiac Surgery: Dermatology: Diagnostic Radiology: Saskatchewan (Nov 27) Emergency Medicine: Family Medicine: Ontario (Nov 28; IMG only), Laval (Nov 30) General Pathology: Calgary (Nov 22), Alberta (Dec 3) General Surgery: McGill (Dec 3) Hematological Pathology: Internal Medicine: Medical Genetics and Genomics: Calgary (Nov 27), UBC (Nov 29) Medical Microbiology: Neurology: Western (Dec 3) Neuro
  4. http://motherboard.vice.com/read/this-3d-printed-stethoscope-head-costs-5-outperforms-200-competitors Available open source if you have access to a 3D printer haha
  5. rebecki

    On Podcasts...

    How do y'all listen to your podcasts? I've been helping to create a podcast app over summer break (it's free!): Here's the link if you'd want to try out the app with the podcasts that have been mentioned so far in this thread: https://app.podkarma.com/share/tomopk (medicine podcasts) https://app.podkarma.com/share/glcpwt (assorted others) It works for Android or iOS.
  6. Haha I actually felt that this made the content more memorable.
  7. I am a pathologists' assistant graduate and 1st year medical student. The starting salary you have quoted is more representative of working in the United States. In Ontario, you are generally offered 65-75k to start. It does climb past 100k when taking on more administrative roles. There are more opportunities to work in hospitals dissecting surgical specimens and assisting in hospital (not forensic) autopsies. Overall, it's a great profession with the chance to see weird and wondrous things every day. The hours are steady (unlike nursing -and perhaps physician assistants) and you are general
  8. Date & Time: May 12, 2015 at 12:06 PM Result: Accepted (Unspecified Campus) !!! Best 2 years GPA: 3.9 + 3.85 (including a pass/fail course, which they accepted as being a full course load). I actually received a pre-interview rejection before I asked about it. MCAT: 10/13/14 ECs: Mostly research and professional experience, modest volunteering. Interview: I actually felt it went poorly. On many occasions, after I had given an answer, the interviewers brought up many extra points. At the time, I was thinking "oh no, I should have said that", but they probably saw it as more of a discu
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