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  1. Still open to a few more students! PM me if interested.
  2. Hey! For anyone looking to get 1-on-1 help, I'm an upper year student at UBC offering mock MMI sessions for this application cycle. I'm hoping to take around 10-20 students this time around like last year. If you'd like to know more information please shoot me a PM. I'm going to do things a lot structured this time around and have planned sessions specifically geared towards improving important qualities I feel medical schools are looking for. I have helped students prep for schools across Canada last year both MMI and traditional formats. I prefer to have these sessions in-person but I a
  3. Hey! I had a great and very successful opportunity to help a lot of students this year prepare for their interviews, whether it was the MMI or more traditional styles. I'm currently an upper year student and just wanted to throw it out there that I would be willing to have one-on-one sessions this summer leading up to the application cycle for anyone who would really like to get a head start on improving their interview skills. It's a really challenging hurdle and I'd be happy to walk anyone interested through the process. This year, I plan to make my sessions much more structured given a
  4. Still have quite a few spots available!
  5. Still able to take quite a few new students! I am able to help with not only MMIs but also traditional and mixed panels, thanks!
  6. I'm offering mock MMI/panel in-person sessions for anyone interested in the Vancouver area!
  7. I hope everyone's interviews went great! For those who have still yet to go, best of luck! Most of my students are finishing up this weekend, so if anyone else located in Vancouver is interested in still getting in some practice for other Canadian/US interviews shoot me a message!
  8. Thank you for those kind words! I still have quite a few spots open as I'm looking to take 5-10 more students. On a site note, I also have experience with UT/Ottawa interviews so I will also be able to help with traditional and sort of hybrid styles.
  9. Hi! I'm an upper med student at UBC offering mock MMI sessions! With the UBC interviews starting up this weekend I have a few extra spots opened up for anyone interested. The sessions will either be via Skype or in-person if you are in the Vancouver area. Thanks and PM if interested!
  10. Hi! I'm an upper year medical student at UBC. I'm offering mock MMI practice sessions either via Skype or in person (if you're in Vancouver) lasting 1.5-2 hours long where I'll be going through a diverse set of questions and strategies on how to answer them effectively. Thanks for your time!
  11. Still have a few openings! Please PM me with your Facebook information so we can further discuss details and I can give you a bit of information on my background and experience. Thank you!
  12. Hey! I'm able to take a few more students as a lot of my current students will be returning for weekly practice. I have a few spots open for this week (Friday) or weekend (Saturday). Let me know if you'd like to get started early! Unfortunately I feel that by the end of next week I will be at capacity.
  13. Hi solonly,

    I am interested in the mock MMI sessions! Please tell me more about it.


    Much appreciated,


  14. Hi! I'm an upper year medical student at UBC. I'm offering mock MMI sessions for anyone interested. I'd be happy to meet on UBC or hold these sessions via Skype. PM if interested!
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