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  1. If you actually take away the 25 spots from MSU Canadian Initiative that would be in 2 more years, the number of marticulants would again drop down to 15-20... and yet you see an increase in the number of applicants every year for the same number of spots.
  2. DO NOT STUDY BEFORE THE TEST lol sorry I just had to make it caps so you wouldn't make that mistake.
  3. Im in the same situation as you. I dont believe 2 weeks would be enough to improve verbal reasoning skills, however 4-5 months may be possible
  4. yup they must write all COMLEX exams, I believe there will be 11 tests by the end you graduate if you include taking USMLEs and Canadian tests.
  5. I did not mean to offend you in anyway, there is absolutely no linkage between your last post and mine, I was just stating that there are other factors that should come into mind when considering the DO path.... that's all..however, I do agree that I am exhusted over the fact that the merger did not occur.
  6. I'm certain it is absolutely not a good idea just to write the verbal. for Canadian schools, your last score will matter only but for American schools they will look at all your scores. you'd never know maybe you wanted to apply to american schools, and by just writing the verbal you'll be doing yourself a lot of trouble in future if you wanted to go to USA
  7. there's really nothing out there so you could "study". when it comes to verbal its all about practicing and doing it right. get Exam kracker verbal reasoning 101 and The Princetom Hyperlearning verbal workbook and just practice. gl.
  8. totally agree with you... Mash makes DO path seem to be all rainbow and sunshine, but in really is not... one of the challenges that DOs will be facing is due to the fact that GME merger failed. according to this article http://www.do-online.org/TheDO/?p=147651 "Because no agreement has been reached, responded Dr. Buser, the ACGME might go ahead with previously planned changes to its common program requirements that would prevent ACGME-accredited programs in all specialties from recognizing previously completed osteopathic GME. This would bar DOs in non-dually-accredited osteopathic res
  9. American medical schools only accept applicants who have completed their undergrad.
  10. then why not go to the US and get it done through the banks in America
  11. yes spots will most likely open up, since I was in the same situation.
  12. the cost is waaaaay more than that.. it adds up to more than $400k... thats why most Canadians avoid going over to us just so they can save that $200k. Plus some schools even require you to have 400$ in your bank prior to entering med/dental school and banks will NOT give you the whole loan at first.
  13. I would still apply to MD, that way you will increase your chances and your options of coming back to Canada in order to do a speciality. you make way higher in Canada having a speciality... i know this because Ive shadowed many surgeons and they all chose Canada because of the high pays compared to US
  14. you can NOT practice as a cardiologist in Canada if you take the DO route.
  15. I completely agree, OP have you thought about other professions? like business? maybe medicine is not for you...
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