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  1. Was that a current student that was spreading potentially false information? For the record 1st year students aren't involved in the admissions process so take that with a grain of salt.
  2. I'll speak to the rural part a bit just so you have an idea of what it is. There's two possible things that this might refer to: community week after first year, or more likely, the integrated stream for clerkship. 1) Community Week After 1st year, you do a mandatory 1 week family medicine rotation in a rural community. This is not unique to Queen's, but is a valuable experience all the same 2) Integrated Usually our core blocks in clerkship are: Family Medicine, Psychiatry, Internal Medicine, Medicine Subspecialty, Surgery, Peri-Op (Emerg, Anesthesia, Surgica
  3. Have you tried contacting admissions? Maybe they can accommodate you.
  4. There are people like that in my class. They found ways to make it work by avoiding as many lectures as possible. Lots of people learn in different ways. But of course the mandatory stuff can't be skipped, and often times they're based on a lecture that came immediately before it.
  5. I'm not sure what the official stance is from the school, but I can tell you that the applications won't be read immediately starting on Nov 1st.
  6. The lecture recordings aren't posted online, although they've been promising that it will come soon. There's usually at least one mandatory learning event per day that will force you to show up. Sorry
  7. Increasing med school enrollment wouldn't be a good idea if they continue to reduce the number of residency positions. At least these 5 new spots will not compete against CMGs in the first round of CaRMS. I don't support this either, but for different reasons.
  8. There's a few points allocated for aesthetics (on a sliding scale) during the interview phase at most schools. /s On a more serious note, I recommend including the modelling for your application under the 'Employment' section if you were paid.
  9. Word on the street is that West campus = Best campus. Granted, that street is probably on West campus. The word on every other street is that it's too damn far. Most people live east of Barrie st. and south of Princess st.
  10. Interesting, they haven't been reporting these stats for years. The most recent one before that was several years ago, and it looked fairly similar
  11. I'm sure that the list moves a lot, but that number is several years old. It pre-dates our current medical building and revised curriculum.
  12. I see a group up on Facebook, but there's only current first year students in there I'm sure they won't mind if I throw the link up for them: https://www.facebook.com/groups/258722601145419/
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