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  1. I guess if you can't improve your GPA then only doing verbal for Mac isnt a bad idea so long as you understand you would only have a chance there
  2. 3.70 is the lowest I've heard of being accepted but the average I've gathered from the accepted forum is 3.8-3.9 so I'd believe that's a comfortable range. However, I'm pretty sure once the cutoff is met your interview, references and application is what they base their final decisions so a higher GPA than the cut off wouldn't improve your chances. A 3.43 GPA is a great GPA but for Ontario medical schools unfortunately I think your only chance is Mcmaster. If you apply in - province outside of Ontario or outside of Canada your GPA may be competitive but I'm not entirely sure. As far as
  3. Yes the cost is 350$ for the books alone off the site but shipping to Canada costs anywhere from 150- 200$.I'm also selling new books and I can deliver them directly to the person for no cost and I'm willing to negotiate if you can come to me.
  4. 9 books- 600 dollars for all !! Brand new Biology part 1 and 2 Organic Chemistry part 1 and 2 Physics part 1 and 2 Chemistry part 1 an 2 Chemistry part 1 and 2 and verbal book - These books are the absolute best for mcat review and practice passages, there are hundreds of passages within each book and the review material covers everything in a perfect concise understandable way !! I can meet up anywhere in the GTA Willing to negotiate if you can meet me where I am Also selling the MCAT complete package study package by Exam Krackers including General Chemistry , Organic
  5. I have a seat for Jan 10th 1pm in scarborough I'm going to cancel.
  6. smjo21


    I have a seat for Jan 10th 1pm in scarborough I'm going to cancel.
  7. I have a seat for Jan 10th 1pm in scarborough I'm going to cancel.
  8. I have a seat for Jan 10th 1pm in scarborough I'm going to cancel.
  9. I have a seat for Jan 10th 1pm in scarborough I'm going to cancel.
  10. Any yorkie taken qualitative methods 4085 w. Quinlan or animal development w. Kubieski 4450 which would you suggest and how are they
  11. If NPs are the top of nursing and PAs are at the bottom of medicine aren't PAs at the top of NPs when it comes to medicine or no?? Not that I'm interested in the prestige but for the same length of education I'd like the profession that allows me to take on the most responsibility/leadership. Also mursing your studying to become a doc? Could you let me know how one goes from nursing to medschool, is a BscN or BscPA valid as an undergraduate program for admissions because I heard nursing courses can't be used in GPAs for med school is that true? Are you taking extra courses/pre
  12. So are you suggesting the NP instead of PA? And thanks I've done more research and understand the opening up my own practice idea is not possible in Canada is either of them. But do you know if PAs are paaid on salary aswel?
  13. Everyone I ask says they are very similar except np's study a nusing model and pa's study a medicine related model. PAs are required to work with physicians and NPs are not but usually do so I'm not sure which is best for me. I've done a lot of research and there are A LOT of jobs for NP's in cities,suburbs,rural areas everywhere and for PAs it seems there are few (and fewer in cities outside of hospitals) but enough for the current graduates and its going to grow and their jobs are more versatile (ex.not specifically primary). And I've heard NPs earn more is that true if you work the same ho
  14. I'm interested in buying both those workbooks I can meet in Toronto/GTA. PM me if you'd like to sell them to me I don't care if they're used as long as they're from 2010 or newer.
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