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  1. I am just curious about the stats on the GPA & MCAT for accepted/interviewed rural applicants. Also does anyone have any idea roughly how many people apply that meet the rural applicant status? Lastly, I would appreciate if someone could give me a rough range of what GPA is needed for an interview? Is a 3.6 and 30/505 a decent min to get an interview? I appreciate any input!
  2. I found this on the prep101 website if this is any help with your decision. http://www.prep101.com/mcat/successstories/
  3. Well OChem has actually been slightly pulled back and the physics weighting on the exam was also heavily reduced. However, biochem's weighting has been increased. If I were you, I would study from Kaplan & TPR as they seem to be the most in-depth, then do a few AAMC practise exams and see how you fare. If you do not do very well look into a prep course, but to summarize I don't think you have to know a whole semesters worth of biochemistry.
  4. I too would like to hear people's review on prep101, specifically for Edmonton.
  5. I did not forget TBR, rather I excluded them because they are not up to date for the new MCAT. What were your thoughts on EK and TPR, as those are the two I am currently debating between. Also have you heard anything about Kaplan's books?
  6. Ideally, I would like this to be the one-stop shop for all comments/reviews regarding the MCAT prep material, so please comment! I have found a few reviews on the books, except for the McGraw-Hill series and can not decide which one's to get. Also all the reviews I found were done before the first administration of the new MCAT so I believe they may not have been that representative and were not harsh enough in determining whether or not the books were useful for the MCAT. So for anyone who has written the new MCAT, which prep books did you use? Did you find the books helpful? To anyon
  7. Thank you for the link, I read the description of all of the PMCOL courses and I have made up my mind after comparing the descriptions of the PMCOL and PHYSL courses. PMCOL sounds more interesting to me (though I do like physiology a bit more now after reading those descriptions), so I think I'll stick with pharmacology. Not only does it sound more interesting, but at least there is a decent alternative to medical school, in case I do not get accepted down the road. I Also thought about doing a general degree, but the nice thing about the honors/specialization is that it the later year PMCOL
  8. I appreciate the quick replies. However I do have one more question, is there any given statistic which program is the most successful in creating successful medical applicants (preferably from the U of A)? I will admit understanding or try to at least understand the way drugs interact with our body, what is it that causes the effect they have on our body, etc...interests me. By the way is the research project at the end of the honours program worth while? As the only difference between the specialization and honours pharmacology programs was that in the fourth year honour students get a fu
  9. I just have a few questions and was hoping someone in these forums would be able to help me. Thank you in advance for all replies. I applied to the U of A for the Pharmacology program (current Alberta High school student ) and I was wondering, after reading other posts, that the Physiology is sort of an unofficial "premed" program. Is there any preference given to the honour physiology students compared to the pharmacology students? Also should I take pharmacology specialization or honours pharmacology? Any advice would be much appreciated, as I want to decide by end of march so I can reg
  10. Thank you to any and all who read this and respond Also sorry if this is the wrong thread, but I noticed people were talking about EC's. I am going to start university shortly and plan (Read: Hope) to get accepted into medical school. I am more worried about EC's then grades as of right now. My main concerns are about EC's, I don't know what are a good (Read: recommended) extra-curricular activities. As well I do not know what a "good number" is, is there even a magic number for the amount of EC's. I was planning on doing something along the lines of - Volunteering at a hospit
  11. What are some of the salaries for surgeons and other non-surgical specialities. I am specifically looking for information for Cardio/Thoracic Surgeon, General Surgery, Plastic surgery, Orthopaedic Surgery. Though any information on any surgical specialty would be greatly appreciated. I am looking for Cardiologists, Neurologists or internal medicine salaries. I am looking for salaries for Philadelphia, Manhattan or L.A. Thanks for any and all information
  12. Use this link to help you learn more about the laptop brands. On the bottom of the page you will see the list of the laptop manufactoers, click on it to find more information. They talk about everything including tech support. http://www.laptopmag.com/mobile-life/best-brands-overall-scorecard-2012.aspx
  13. I have had a Sony Vaio for almost four years (getting a new laptop very soon, still can't decide)and it has treated me pretty good, the 1080p IPS screen is going to be amazing. IPS is a screen technology that allows for some extreme angle watching, it does not distort if you tilt the screen, it is the same technology as on the iPhone. The quad core processor with a Nvidia graphics card will be beneficial for any graphics intense applications. The S series is Sony's direct competitor to the MacBook series, the S series has a back-lit island style keyboard the same on the MacBook Pro, only th
  14. I would say no, only because it has a second generation Intel processor when the third is being released as we speak or already released. You can already find some laptops with "ivy bridge" in it ( ivy bridge is the code name for the third generation Intel processors). If you want a decent laptop then try a sony vaio, high quality machines with above average specs. Also the Sony Vaio's come with Sony vegas which I hear is a good video editing software. Here is the link to the page, choose the model you want and customise it the way you like. Ivy bridge is newer and better but the main thi
  15. Because Microsoft Office for Mac does not contain OneNote what are some other good alternatives for note-taking and other productivity applications for OS X. Also in word for Mac you get a layout called "Word Notebook Layout" (When choosing a new template) how similar to OneNote/useful is that for taking notes?
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